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Hi folks. I'm 59, I've had 2 ablations, 3 cardioversions, and was part of a trial of a new implanted device called a Linq which was the size of 3 matchsticks in my chest and, via a handheld monitor and a router, transmitted my heart data to the hospital for nearly a year. A couple of months ago I started having dizzy spells, the device told the hospital that my heart was 'pausing' for up to 8 seconds between Afib and sinus rhythm (it couldn't decide what to do?) and with two day's notice I had a pacemaker installed. That was 2 weeks ago. Everything is okay, but of course I still have Afib.

Following a post on here, I bought Carolyn Dean's book Remineralize Your Heart, I am prepared to believe what she says and give it a go. However, I wondered if anyone had bought her products directly, where you charged Customs duties, how did it work out? Also, are there UK sources of similar products which would work just as well?



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  • 8!!! I am surprised you weren't fainting. Poor you. Do you still feel symptomatic now that the pacemaker is in? Do you feel your palpitations or breathless or anything else? Just curious as a pacemaker has been suggested for me also and i find Arryhtmia symptoms very challenging so would welcome it if it helped me become asymptomatic. Good luck with the remineralizing! And i hope you feel well:)

  • Hi Vony, thanks for your response. I still have the symptoms of Afib, however I don't have the dizzy spells and my heart stopping - so good news! The pacemaker won;t cure your Afib. I do feel better thought.

  • I have a pacemaker, installed and activated last October. It was implanted to deal with AF that was not responding to drugs and I had 4 ultimately failed cardioversions behind me. (Pacemakers are generally implanted to deal with a very slow heart rate, which was not my primary problem, on the contrary, so they are flexible to say the least). I was constantly fatigued and was ultra sensitive to the recurring turbulence of my heart rate generally. Scarey stuff! Yes, I apparently still have AF, but now I am TOTALLY SYMPTOM FREE!! I am not familiar with Carolyn Dean but I do know that there is significant evidence that upping one's magnesium intake appears to be beneficial to the heart rhythm as well as to overall cardiac health. There was empirical evidence, over a 26 year period, in a Canadian study on women, that those who ingested MORE magnesium had a significantly less occurrence of heart attack than those who took LESS. On the strength of that, I have increased my daily intake to about 1000 mgs per day. Osteocare and Calcium tablets both contain magnesium (I take one of each per day - total 362 mgs)and Wassen produce a magnesium-B tablet that contains 300 mg (available at Boots and probably any reasonable chemist). As I am summering in France, I also buy a soluble magnesium tablet (which they no doubt sell in the UK as well) that I dissolve in water (300 mg) and I drink bottled sparkling water with natural magnesium totalling 160 mgs per litre bottle. That is quite a lot more than the recommended daily dose for an active mature woman. It is rare to overdose on magnesium - the only potential side effect is that it can rather loosen the bowels. As I had a recurring problem with constipation, normally, this is great for me. I have never been so regular! But everyone is different. You have to try - you cannot fail by trying, only by NOT trying! As long as you do not suffer from kidney failure or chronic severe constipation, you will not come to any harm by increasing your magnesium intake. (There might also be a potential problem if you are diabetic, I don't know). People who eat a lot of sugary foods or those who drink alcohol regularly or dark, carbonated drinks, do not absorb, actually lose, much of their daily magnesium intake anyway. Go online, check the facts, check with your GP, but I cannot find anything that is other than positive with regard to magnesium.

    I can only tell you that I have more energy now than I have had for years, I am asymptomatic as far as AF is concerned (although it is still there, under wraps) and the pacemaker implant procedure was painless and unless I scrutinise my left shoulder, I forget that it is there.

    The only drug I now take is Warfarin and I self-monitor my INR (with a Coaguchek) with just the occasional courtesy visit to our local clinic. I have periodic checks at the hospital to make sure that the pacemaker is running smoothly and for any adjustments to be made. I started out with it set at 80 bpm which allowed the heart some recovery time after the procedure by restricting my energy level so that I couldn't exert myself, at the same time preventing the heart from slowing down too much . One month later, the base line was set at 60 bpm (it will kick start my heart if it ever goes any slower) and a top line of 140 bpm. A couple of months later, because I am fairly active, that top level was raised to 155. Even when I am cycling uphill, my heart rate doesn't exceed 140, so that suits me fine. My general concensus - life is great!!

    Good luck!



  • Thanks Jos, very interesting. Another friend also told me they sell mineral water with magnesium and France and asked why can;t we get it here.



  • What an upbeat happy result for you Jos. That is great. I hope i feel as you do one day:)

  • Yes, I have bought her products direct from her own site ReMag Magnesium Soution

    and ReMyte Mineral Solution, after being diagnosed with AF, I started taking them both each day as she recommends in a litre of water, and just sipping throughout the day, I feel it has helped me tremendously by boosting my energy levels.

    However it can be a bit expensive after you add the carriage etc, it all depends on what one can afford, and how much one is prepared to pay for optimum health.

    There is UK distributor called Botanica Health based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England and they stock both ReMag & ReMyte.

    All the best

  • Many thanks, very useful.


  • I have just finished reading that book and her other one about magnesium and decided to order some Re-mag from the US. It is still in transit so I don't know whether any tax has to be paid yet.

    If it works as well as I am hoping it does, I will check Botanica Health to make sure it's the same product (there are some copies out there) and order from them in future.

    Thank you for that information.


  • I just had a look at Botanica and it is cheaper to buy two Re-mag from the US if there are no additional taxes to pay. I should know soon as the tracking info I was sent says that my parcel is now in the UK.

    I paid $73.42 inc shipping for two Re-mag.

  • Yes, you are right it is cheaper to buy direct from US, the only drawback I found was it took about 2 weeks to arrive, whereas buying it from Botanica it takes about 3 days to arrive, I have used both suppliers and it is a bit cheaper to buy from US

  • Hi Nick. For over two years now I have been taking chelated magnezium as this form is readily absorbed. I take one 200mg per day. You can take more if your bowels will tolerate it! I eat a lot of foods that are high in Mg so one is enough for me. Like jossikins (below) it keeps me very regular. My paroxysmal AF frequency has been greatly reduced and I'm back in SR within 3 hours. I have flecainide + bisoprolol as a PIP. I'm also on dabigatran anticoagulant.

    I buy mine online from the US, quick delivery, reasonable price and no duty etc.

    See :

    Good luck with your treatments,


  • Thanks Tim, much apperaciated.


  • Thanks so much to everybody for your helpful & useful comments. I just bought some from Botanica because I want to get started ASAP, however it is quite a bit more expensive. $73 for 2 bottles = £46, whereas Botanica charges £73 for 2 incl postage. Over time, that's a lot more money! Do please keep us posted on whether you get customs charges which would add to this cost.

    Thanks again.


  • Search "Magnesium" on this site and have a look at previous posts. There are a lot of them and they will probably cover most things you need to know.

  • You are right, Craggy. I originally got a recipe for homemade magnesium water from this sight. France, where I spend my summer, sells magnesium enriched bottle water but I haven't found a source in the UK yet. However, the homemade variety is easy to make up and a darned sight cheaper than anything you could buy online!! So, here are two sights, virtually duplicates of each other: OR

    The recipe basically requires that you add 3 tbsps of over-the-counter Milk of Magnesia to one litre of carbonated water, shake and leave in fridge for 30 mins., shake again and leave for another 30 mins., by which time all of the magnesium will have been absorbed by the Co2. It is then a concentrate ready to drink at a ratio of one part concentrate to 11 (eleven) parts plain water. One litre contains about 125 mgs of magnesium. Drunk through

    the day, in small amounts, it is tolerated well by most people. I used to suffer with bouts of IBS so I should be ultra-sensitive to its potential laxative effect, but I have had no problem and have been IBS free since I started on it several months ago. I should that I once made the mistake of pouring the concentrate UNDILUTED into a glass and drank it down. When I realised, to my horror, what I had done, I anticipated the worst! Rest assured, readers, I survived. I was a bit uncomfortable for a while and stayed close to the loo but I was surprisingly OK!! So, unless you are suffering from kidney failure, there doesn't appear to be any adverse effects . To use a quote from the aforementioned Dr. Carolyn Dean, regarding AF, "You dont necessarily have a heart condition, you have a magnesium deficiency condition that can be treated."

  • I am curious whether anyone has tried dissolving Epsom Salts ( magnesium sulfate) in water as a supplement. Based on a YOUTUBE video I saw I gave it a try. One quarter teaspoon in 8 oz of water and downed straight away - twice a day.. Whether it was psychological or not, I had one of the most peaceful heart weeks in quite some time , until I missed a couple of days and have had a flareup of frequent little bouts over the past couple of days.

  • I was having BAD AF attacks weekly and would end up in hospital at least every 2nd month.

    In January this year I stumbled across magnesium , started dosing and have had 2 x runs of 10 minutes of AF since them - both in February!

    For me it has been like a minor miracle.

    I find it so heartening to read comments from so many who have found this mineral and are reaping the benefits.

  • An update on Magnesium (Re-Mag) from the US.

    I got mine today and had to pay a charge of £15.67.

    £7.67 VAT plus £8 handling charge.

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