Thank you to all my friends on here

Thank you all who replied to my post " The day has arrived". It is such a comfort to know that other people know exactly what you are going through and speak words of wisdom.

I had my ablation yesterday (Wednesday) all done and now home with my family. I was sedated and didn't find the experience too bad at all...even though it took 4 and a half hours.,in fact I found the TOE worse. I got everything crossed it is successful....everyone seems very pleased the results. They tell my I had a cross over ablation, so they had to make a small hole through my heart and did both sides. Only time will tell if it has completely successful they said around 3 months. They also did a cardioversion and I am in sinus rhythm....oh my it is so nice.

I am a bit sore and ache quite a bit I presume this is normal ? I have got a little pain across my chest and seem to be suffering with heartburn (ha ha no pun intended) has anyone else had this after ablation.

Once again thank you my really have been a lifeline.

Keep Well

My very best wishes.


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  • Such good news. Now lots of rest.x

  • Thank's hoping xxx

  • I am so pleased for you -- I was wondering yesterday how you got on.

    Funny how the thing that most people take for granted - probably more than anything else in our life apart from breathing - is a good old boring uneventful sinus rhythm.

    Isn't it nice to be grateful for something so very routine :)

    Everything crossed for a 100% success on your ablation.

  • It sure is! Thank you xxxx

  • Hi Abihel, yes I had a bit of soreness/tightness across the chest after my ablation and it took about 2 weeks to totally go. Good luck with the rest of your recovery I hope you come through this with flying colours.

  • Thank you Soosie...fingers crosed xx

  • * crossed* xx

  • Great news. Yes, my chest felt sort of tight and funny for 5-7 days if I remember correctly. Just take it easy.

    Koll :-)

  • Thank you Koll xxx

  • Nice to hear it has gone well and not a bad experience. It can seem more of a hurdle than it turns out to be.

    Take it easy for a little while. All the best!

  • Thank you Rellim...a little weepy today..arn't I pathetic lol. I think it's maybe the drugs coming out of my system. xxx

  • I think you are entitled! Drugs perhaps, but - even though I said that it's not as bad as it can seem in anticipation - it is a significant step to have taken. I imagine all of us feel more than relieved when it's safely over.

  • Thank you for taking the time to talk to me... I really appreciate it.

    Hope you keep well


  • Thanks for that. Take care and relax! xxx

  • So pleased all went well. Yes, the light pains are normal. Enjoy a few weeks of resting and don't try to do much. Best wishes.


  • Thank you so much Jean xxx

  • I had my first ablation 3 weeks ago. I had exactly the same pain across chest and very bad heartburn for a couple of days just like you. I went inti AF on day 10 post ablation which was very disappointing but I had been warned that this was normal. I took an extra 150 mg of flecainide and reverted in 5 hrs. The following day had lots of ectopics . Since then single ectopics not too bad throughout the day.. The heartburn is still in the background but improving.

    Am keeping fingers crossed for both of us !

  • Thank you..heres hoping for both of us...please let me know how your doing. xxxxx

  • All sounds very normal to me so now you must rest for at least two weeks! The hole is in the septum between the right and left atria since that is the way they go in. Because they access a vein in the groin all veins lead to the right atrium so they arrive at the heart in that chamber. To get to the left where the pulmonary veins attach means a small puncture . This is why PVI is so much more difficult to do that flutter ablation in the right atrium.

    Well done and don't worry when you get a few funnies over the next few days and weeks. It will be at least three and possible even up to six months before things fully settle down.


  • Thank you so much for your words of wisdom are so knowledgeable about our condition and you've helped me so much explaining it all in easy terms.



  • Had my ablation 6 weeks ago. All good so far but yes I did have chest pain for about 2weeks afterwards on and off. Told to take paracetamol which did help.. i also had a racing heart in first 3 weeks on and off but no AF just a faster hr. About 80. Which is fast for me.

    Take it easy and hope all is good for you

  • Thank really does help to talk to someone who has experience the same thing....I thought it was normal but you worry a bit don't you Bridget. I also fell a bit weepy today I think it's all the drugs coming out of my system. xxx

  • Thats exactly what it is plus the come down from all your worries and anxiety thinking something awful is gonna happen. Enjoy your day. You made it and hopefully will now have a future AF free

  • Aw your so kind Bridget...see thats made me ha ha I'm not normally like this I thought I was a tough cookie.



  • Aw thats funny. Sorry. Go and order someone around. Get you a coffee or a sticky bun. That always works xx

  • Sounds good, I thought the TOE would be the worst part - doesn't engender confidence does it? So pleased all sounds as though it went well.

    Please do as I say - not as I did - I felt SO good several days after my first ablation and I spring cleaned the house from top to bottom because of not being able to do much the months prior to ablation - BIG mistake. I ended up far worse than before and required a second. Rest, go very slowly for the next few months and yes, pains around thoracic area, sore throat (from TOE) and stiffness are very normal and may take a week or two to dissipate.

    Do not take anything other paracetamol unless prescribed by doctor.

    Best wishes CD

  • Thank you so much for your words of wisdom...I've taken them on board. xxx

  • Do nothing for at least 2 weeks and then a little. Even after that do a few bits and then have a rest and a drink. Water very good without saying. It takes 3 to 6 months for scarring to stop / heart. Fully recover. Good luck.

  • Thank you I ll take on board everything you have advised. xx

  • Well done, as all have said take it easy and good luck for future xx

  • Thank you xxx

  • As everyone says ,all normal make the most of your rest time and take it easy,

    Good luck


  • Thank you Wendi xxx

  • Well done, rest and recuperate, relax knowing things will be good.


  • Thank you Dee xxx

  • Rest and be well :-)

  • Thank you Nik xxx

  • ha, my name's actually Blue. The nikon is coz i use that camera!! Have a restful weekend :-) x

  • glad it went well for you :)

  • Hi, So glad you feel well, long may it continue! I had a cardioversion, lasted 7 months but went back last week. Seeing cardiologist next week so hope I get another, if all fails I go down the ablation route, I have bee a bit scared about that but reading your comments makes me feel better. Thanks, keep healthy! Elaine

  • I had first ablation 2 months ago. Went back into persistent AF less then 72 hours later (I had been told no chance for it to work first time for me. I had no hesitation saying yes when the consultant EP offered me a second ablation when I saw him 4.5 weeks after first. Good luck.

  • I had 2 cardioversions which both worked for a short while. Please don't be scared if you do have to go down the ablation route it really isn't as bad as you imagine. I hope your cardioversion works. Keep well.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Glad is all over and evetything went well, its three weeks since my second ablation and I had quite a few ' funnies ' for the first couple

    of weeks now not aware of my heart at all, perfect, Just waiting for

    my energy to return, but wonder if thats the bisoprolol, maybe.

    Have a nice rest now.

  • Good news Shirley long may you continue to be in sinus rhythm. I don't have much energy at the minute either

    Keep well


  • What is your SpO2 level. What other meds?

  • What is Spo2 level? I've never heard of it?? I am taing 10mg Bisorolol and 5mg warfarin. Before the ablation I was on 250 Digoxin but I have been told to stop it.


  • Level of oxygen in the blood. An oximeter is clipped onto finger. They are cheap to buy

  • I'll have to look into that Peter...I know they gave me oxygen during the procedure as they said it was a little low....but they said it went straight back up.

    Thank you


  • Well done, rest up and don't do anything your not supposed to. Hope this is a complete success for you. Ahhh sinus rhythm, forgotten what that's like! Thanks for posting your progress. Have my EP appointment on Tuesday so very interested in your experience.

    Keep well.


  • Thank you...sinus rhythm is bliss! I hope your EP appointment goes well...let us all know xxx

    Good luck

  • Good to hear all went well...and yes in my experience chest discomfort is to be expected for a few days.

    Take it easy, recovery is a marathon not a sprint!

  • Thank you Dave...I wish I could sprint to the finishing line lol xxxx

    Keep well


  • So glad all went well for you and yes, fingers and everything else crossed that it's been a success.

    This site is a life saver. It's so good to hear other peoples' stories and know that you aren't on your own and you can communicate with people in the same or similar situation to yourself.

    So once again I hope that your heart will now behave itself and realise the punishment it will get if it doesn't!!

  • Thank you so much xxxx

  • So pleased all went well for you long may it continue☺

  • Thank you xx

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