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The day has come

Well guys wish me luck it's my ablation today and feeling very nervous more so because I have to be awake! ( sedated)

I had my TOE last week and to be honest it was an awful experience...I don't know why they can't put you to sleep while these things are done.

Sorry for complaining it's just nerves I think....and to be honest my hearts of like the clappers cause I've had to come of med for the ablation so can't sleep.

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I forgot what TOE stood for and googled TOE ablation.

As it turns out you can get an ablation on your toenail!

Anyways now I have left you with something to google for the next 10 minutes and take your mind off it. I did find a youtube of this procedure but after watching 5 seconds it was too gross to post lol

All the best and I wish you a future full of boring old sinus rhythm:)


Ha Ha thanks Dave that has made me giggle...I look forward to the boring sinus rhythm bring it on!

By the way have you had ablation??



No but hopefully later in the year. I HAVE had a stent inserted and an angiogram done so have had my share of being vaguely zonked out while I watched these two procedures. I have to admit I found it more interesting than anything else to be able to watch what was going on:)


To ablate actually means to cause not to exist. Medically it can refer to lots of things such as toenails and varicose veins. This is why I often smile when people talk of pulmonary vein ablation as that is one thing you never want not to exist! PV Isolation yes.

Regarding the sedation I think different doctors like different things. All three of my ablations and my three DCCVs one with TOE were done under GA. It does take longer to recover for sure but form my point of view much easier to cope with.

I well remember when I once had to have an endoscopy under sedation and was refusing to have this camera stuffed down my throat to the extent of wrestling the doctor off the table. Through the haze I head a voice say "for F...s sake give him another shot" and I woke up two hours later. I can only assume that is in my medical records somewhere to ensure that I ALWAYS have GA. lol


I had a TOE without sedation, i empathize fully. Perhaps the most unpleasant experience I have ever had to endure.


Good luck, hope it works. Had mine done under sedation only and it was fascinating. Time flew by and the drugs they gave me made me feel very calm. No problem at all and would have it done again.



good luck- hope it goes well- one person who posts on here told me her (successful) ablation was done under sedation and she felt it was better as she was able to talk about what was happening and the EP adjusted things slightly as a result!

Do let us know how you get on


Why is a TOE done without sedation, how awful even with sedation it doesnt sound pleasant .I must have been extremely lucky, my EP did a TOE and ablation at the same time under G.A.

When I asked him why he did it under GA and all at the same time as opposed to sedation his reply was that it was so much nicer for the patient particularly as it's such a long procedure.



All the best Abihel! Look forward to hearing how you get on! I can sympathise with you over the TOE ....not particularly pleasant but you just have to tell yourself how vital they are for detecting clots which may be lurking. I had my first two ablations under sedation and my last one. under GA. Recovery is so much quicker and pleasanter under sedation. You will find yourself drifting in and out of sleep anyway. Regards. Sandra


Please can I ask what TOE is?????

I'm seeing my cardiologist on June 11th re having the ablation done so can sympathise totally with you as I'm very nervous and have refused to have it done for 7 years but have now got to the point where the ablation seems less scary than the the lengthy and more regular attacks of AF.

Good luck with the procedure and please let me know how it went.


Good luck to you ,you will be fine I had mine done under GA and sedation but not sure which was worse, just try to relax and take it easy afterwards, keep us posted .

Wendi x


Hi. Wish you luck. You'll be fine.

I had three ablations under GA, which they gave me the option for. Sometimes you have to wait longer for a GA as the timetable is different.



Good luck. I had sedation but was "asleep" for most of the 6.5 hours - I would rather have been more awake to seen and heard more!!! They did my TOE on the day of the ablation. They sprayed my throat three or four times and I then lay down on my side. T think that at this point they had also given me some sedation through the cannula but the last thing I remember was then saying open your mouth wider.


Please tell me what is a TOE ? I'm having an ablation soon and I've never heard of this !



Trans-oesophageal echocardiogram, i.e. an echocardiogram done by lowering the gadget down the oesophagus. As far as I'm aware I haven't had one for either of my ablations.

Hope all is going well, abihel.


When I had my toe I made it quite clear that I was terrified and wanted lots of sedation and thankfully they obliged. While I was aware of everything it was honestly not awful at all. I applied this philosophy to the ablation as well, also done under sedation. Again, I was kept blissfully sedated and for the most part unaware. Whatever you do don't try and be brave. I told them the second I felt a twinge and bingo , lots of happy juice given straight away!

Good luck. I will look forward to your next post.x


good luck, hope it goes well


In the U.S. We call them TEE Trans- esophageal echocardiogram

I was sedated but not fully out for the last one before ablation. Where as you are totally sedated out when they do it before a cardioversion. Ablation I was completely unconscious thank god it took over 6 hours.....


Here in Florida I was put under sedation for TOE and it was done the same day of ablation! This the morning after with only three of sleep while recovering and I am able to walk the floors without stopping to catch Mr breath. Good luck!


Good luck hope all goes well.


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