Chest pain all day

Hi all. Been a strange day. Not in AF as such, but had chest pain since 6am and it's not lessening. It's the weekend and we have lots of plans and to be honest I can't face A&E! My rational is that it's not getting any worse so it's not going to kill me 😀.

Do you ever have bad chest pain (left side only) which just goes eventually? I'm on a calcium channel blocker but as I don't have a racing pulse I don't see any point in taking an extra dose (which I'm allowed to do if AF is bad ).

Thanks all!

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  • Never ever put up with chest pain!!!! Please dial the 111 no. now and seek advice. It may be too late if your pain gets worse.


  • Please get checked out better safe than sorry.

  • I hope you have got to A& E by now. Chest pain does not have to be terribly bad to be dangerous . It needs to be checked out.


  • Hope you did go to A&E. if you have chest pains then you must have them investigated ASAP.

  • Don't leave it. Not worth it. Go to a and e.

  • As a retired nurse, I must stress, chest pain should never be ignored. Get checked asap!

  • I think you have your answer, which I completely agree with but I can empathise about not wanting to spend your w/e in A&E -

    but then I hope you will be around to spend many more w/e's being able to do what you want to do.

    Best wishes and let us know how you got on.

  • I think you can see we all are concerned that chest pains must not be ignored particularly if you have plans.

    I truly understand your reluctance to go to A & E but surely it is better to have a few hours in A & E rather than a week in hospital or worse.

    Please let us all know what the outcome is/was.


  • Hi all. Thank you so much for your replies and concern. Some days it feels are the only people who know how it feels.

    Things settled in the evening just as I was preparing to leave for hospital. It is completely gone now. Just one of those weird things I guess. Thanks again.

  • I get chest pain three or four times a week from GERD that imitates cardiac pain.

  • Very glad to hear the pain has gone! I would be like you and hold back from a&e if possible. On another note... next week I have an appointment with the EP you mentioned a few months ago and I'm getting nervous, I've been drifting along coping with fortnightly episodes of AF and getting weak muscles and legs from the medication, but now I'm slightly panicking that the appointment is finally here. I have found magnesium has calmed things down a lot, can I ask you how you think he's likely to respond to that information? Is he easy to talk to?

    Thanks, Jane

  • Hi Jane - so it's Paul Broadhurst you're seeing? I've seen him a few times now and I've warmed to him. I.would recommend you bring a concise summary of.your symptoms and a note of exactly what medication you have. He likes information and he's a fast talker and thinker so I feel I have to keep up! He is flexible on whether I have an ablation, he is wiling to go with what I feel I want. I am sure you will do well with him. Best of luck.

  • Hi yes, Thank you so much, I feel a little happier now and will make sure I'm well prepared, you have helped me a lot! Best Wishes, Jane

  • Next time dial 999 much quicker (no more than a few minutes). That way they will send a paramedic who can do a number of tests quickly and hence much more likely to pick up transient incidents which can help big time in diagnosis. Also they are heavily trained for heart issues.

  • OK glad it worked out OK.

    BUT despite that don't take chances if it happens again - from all the current evidence life is not a rehearsal. 😇


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