Ablation day has arrived

Here I am in a day room in hospital waiting for it all to kick off. I am a bit apprehensive but hoping it goes well. I am one of the ones the doctors think that early ablation might be more successful as I have not had much medication and only diagnosed 9 months ago. In some ways this made the decision to have an ablation more difficult as I am not having really bad symptoms yet. I get an attack about once a month that lasts 6ish hours but on bisoprolol so not too fast.

Will let you all know how it goes. Marie

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  • Will be thinking of you today Marie and hope that your ablation will be a success. Look forward to hearing how it's all gone. Big hug.


  • Good luck and thank you for thinking of us all x

  • Well done Marie for making the right choice. I know you will not regret it but do take time to recover and don't be surprised if you get some odd arrhythmias along the way. This is quite normal.

    Good luck


  • Good Luck Marie I am in on Friday and already getting the collywobbles!!!!

  • Hi timmo. How are you feeling. Hope not too anxious and I am sure you will be fine. Where are you having the procedure done. Good luck for tomorrow and let us know how you get on. Marie

  • Good luck Marie, you'll be just fine.

    I had my ablation 2 weeks ago today so know exactly what the apprehension beforehand feels like.

    Also I'm still having some AF as its early days, so don't worry if that happens to you too.

  • Keep smiling ;-)

  • Take it steady Marie, don't rush things and expect to much to early .


  • Good luck Marie, you will be fine. I was in the same position caught early and recommended for ablation. It's now 11 days since I had it done and I feel great, as Bob says, still getting messages from my heart but was off Verapamil straight away. You have to take it easy for the first couple of weeks - your entry wound sees to that!!

  • You will do fine, just remember to not move around too much post-op. I had mine a little over a month ago, no more afib, and I resumed normal exercise and activity within 10 days, feel greeeeaaat, and you will too!

  • Good luck! I had mine 6 days ago. Everything went well and I'm getting back to normal gradually. Let us know how you get on please.

  • Hi. What a nice bunch you are - thanks for all the good wishes. All over at 4.30 and all went well. Taking me off bisoprolol but will see what ep says tomorrow. Feel fine and no pain (may be thee painkillers??) In nsr and say looking good so everything crossed for the next few months.

    Thanks again. Marie

  • Steady on your discharge. Enjoy being pampered!!


  • Thanks for that - yes will enjoy a bit of pampering. Had lasagna and jelly earlier ( not together!!) So far no pain and no bleeding so looking good. Hope it lasts. Mariw

  • Good luck Marie! I know it is over however best wishes for your recovery!

    My Ablation is booked for 11th and 12th December .)

  • If it is as easy as mine try not to worry. I had some fluttering last night but only for a few minutes and others on here have said to expect that.

    Thank you for response and good luck with yours. Fingers crossed for all of us that the ablation works. Marie

  • good luck lallym , I had it done about 8 weeks ago and found the op day to be a good experience.

    enjoy it , they are going to fix you.

  • Thank you for your post and good wishes. How are you feeling now. Any activity? Marie

  • feeling good thanks , working out daily and trying to get myself fitter.

    have a good day.

  • Hi to all of you. I am now home after my ablation and so far feel fine. I am off meds except warfarin and statin so although I know to expect some heart activity at the moment all is quiet. I have had no pain and no bleeding and ep says all went well.

    Thanks to all for your interest, support and encouragement. Marie

  • Hi Marie

    So glad it seems to have gone well and you're not experiencing any pain etc. Take it nice and easy - although that's easier said than done sometimes. :-)


  • Thanks Bev. How are you feeling - still OK I hope. I don't' find it too hard to be waited on so will sit back and take full advantage!!

    Seriously, I know what you mean, its easy to think you are OK when there are no visible scars but remember thay are on the inside. Take care now. Marie

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