Ablation, here I come!

I had my first episode April 2016. I have not been able to pinpoint exactly what triggers it. Sometimes it's stress, sometimes working to hard in the yard when it's hot, sometimes going to sleep.

This website and this community have helped me not freak out too bad so I can keep on living my life between episodes and slow down when my heart is acting like a petulant two year old.

Also, I have weighed their collective wisdoms and decided that for me, I'm going to try an ablation before there is a build up of damage to my heart from these episodes. I, an intensely anti-pharmaceuticals individual, am taking my anticoagulant and doing what I can to ensure a good result. Since I decided on the ablation three weeks ago, I haven't had any Afib, but have felt my heart want to slide into it a couple of times with some strong, irregular beats that corrected after 10 minutes or so. That's also how long I've taken the anticoagulant so maybe that's helping?

Anyways, I'm having my ablation on Wednesday. Prayers appreciated.

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  • Good call fredsbam. Your time frame is very good. You have AF so you will have AF regardless of any triggers. Let us know how it goes.

  • Searching for triggers didn't work for me. Thought it was alcohol, cut it out, still got AF. Stopped energetic activities! still got it. Best wishes for Wednesday. Getting it early is good.

  • Most people with A Fib have multiple triggers, mine is alcohol, dehydration, stress, low potassium level and I believe there is a connection with the vagus nerve.

  • Very best wishes for a good result. Remember the post-ablation mantra : REST, REST, REST. Your heart will take 3 months to heal.

  • Good luck for Wednesday fredsbam !!!

  • Good luck- let us know how you get on

  • Good luck Fred, hope all goes well and please make sure you report back to us on how it all went.


  • Never found the answer to what triggered my AF first thoughts were low HR then a valve issue .

    After further tests this morning and chat with very nice doctor its seems none of the above . So pleased that a valve repair is not on the cards well not yet anyway. Concerns (from bike test) that ectopics get worse during heavy exercise as does BP whch then in turn cause breathllessness, not the low heart rate as I thought. So am am still under investigation and checks to see if problem is mechanical or electrical. Doc mentioned other pills in the armoury that could be use but commented some of them can be a a bit hard on the system . Suspect she is referring to some of the nasties pills that folk talk about

    I am not happy having to take just four pills but sounds better than but being chopped about . Am thankful that the medics are searching for the cause and they may be the say be no obvious cause . The main issue is as has often said - properly treated and you will feel better - left untreated it will get worse.

  • I have the same triggers - stress and working in hot weather. Also found not consuming protein bars (the ones that are covered in chocolate) cut the rate of my Afib episodes by 66%. It is something different for everyone with Afib. I too am on anticoagulants but I do not believe they stop Afib episodes but you do need them to prevent having a blood clot that could cause a stroke. Good luck with the ablation and I will keep you in my prayers.

  • Good luck Fred! Am in the throws of deciding whether to go down the ablation route.

    To be honest I'm so very very scared!

    Wish you well and look forward to hearing how it goes. Sure all will be fine. 😏😊

  • Up Date: They moved my procedure to next Tuesday because my slot was needed for someone who needed emergency work.

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