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AF returns again one year after ablation 2

I have had two ablations for symptomatic AF, the second one exactly one year ago. And then one year to the day I had a 5 minute AF episode, and then on Sunday night I had an episode for an hour, all recorded on my Alive Cor. The episode stopped en route to the hospital!! But I continued the trip to A&E and waited 7 hours to be seen by a doctor. I also have had bad gastric problems possibly from taking codeine for several weeks to relieve the pain of sciatica. So the thought is that the gastric problems have precipitated AF, but the beast was lurking!!!

I contacted my EP in Birmingham and he has suggested starting Flecainide again, and sort out my gatric issues and we will talk in a month. He is not happy to do more than three what is left then?????

I know others here have sorted gastric problems by diet so need to re read those postings. I am taking Magnesium, Diltiazem, Rivoraxaban...and now Flec!!

Feeling tired and disappointed and confidence rock bottom.

I read the lovely mail here daily and appreciate having a local AF group for support.


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I can understand that you must feel really downhearted after 12 months AF free. It seems to be fairly common that people with AF quite often have gastric or digestive issues and I suspect that can be a trigger. However, perhaps thae ablation was not quite complete and maybe have a tiny gap in the ablation scar tissue.

I don't think a third ablation is out of the question and could be a quick fix. I think BobD for example, has had three and is 7 or 8 years AF free and counting.

I would be interested to know if you were you taking any rate or rythme control drugs since the ablation and prior to the attack. Also did you have any other symptoms such as ectopics or palpitations?

I do hope you can get is sorted quickly and your EP visit has a positive way forward.


Thanks for your reply. My gastric feelings have settled and awaiting Liver Function Tests and ultrasound scan of gall bladder/liver as I had my gall bladder removed 30 years ago.

Heart feels calm on 50 mg Flecainide.

Since ablation a year ago I continued on Flecainide for about four months before I was brave enough to wean myself off! I take Diltiazem 240mg as a rate control.

So I talk with EP again in 4 weeks to see how I am.......a very testing condition to deal with as everyone is different!!


Oh, time to spit tintacks! How disappointing. You surely could have one more ablation, though.


Hi Ann - Sorry to hear that your AF is back. After having two ablations I was told that because of the extensive scarring in my heart I wouldn't be able to have any more.

Just to let you know that taking magnesium gave me gastric problems and it took me a long time to find out that was the cause, this was long before my AF started. I had a bout of it after my last ablation two years ago and was eating banana and natural live yogurt in the night to try and ease it, but by morning it was back. I have since discovered that by not eating yogurt and porridge and taking my warfarin mid breakfast has cured my problem.

Wishing you well.


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Thanks for your reply, and going to keep off Magnesium for a few weeks!!! Good luck with your Flec reduction!!


Its really awful when you go for so long without AF and start to think you maybe free of it and then out of the blue it reappears.

It SUCKS and I feel for you...and know what its like.

Very demoralising :(

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