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2 Months After Ablation

Hi All - I had my 2 month post PVI follow up appointment with my EP yesterday. Previous to my procedure I had persistent AF for approx the last 2 years and prior to that 8 years of paroxysmal AF. Apart from 1 episode of AF shortly after my procedure and the odd ectopic beat, my heart has been the steadiest its every been.

Last week I had a 24 hour monitor prior to yesterdays appointment. It showed no AF, and therefore to my surprise my EP has now discharged me, very happy with my progress and he's happy for me to come off warfarin (I only started warfarin to have the procedure).

I noticed that there'd been a recent discussion on this forum regarding success rates, so I asked my EP yesterday and he said the past 10 years data show that approx 50% of patients return to AF within a 5 year period (if your glass if half empty), so 50% last longer than 5 years (glass is half full). However, he did say that because these procedures are so new and rapidly improving he expects the latest set of data to show a lot higher long term success rate, but obviously this data isn't available yet.

So, I was a bit shocked to be discharged so early and to be off the warfarin now, but one thing I've noticed from following this excellent forum is that there seems to be a wide variation of how individual EPs manage their patients with regard to pre, during and post procedure.

As per my previous post just after my PVI, I can honestly say the waiting for the procedure was by far the worst part of the whole experience. The actual day was fine, and then post procedure I felt a bit 'out of it' for approx 10 days due to the general anaesthetic and tired for about a month, but my fitness is building up nicely now and its great to be able to exercise and it not trigger my AF.

As per other people who have had PVI/PVA, I would have no hesitation whatsoever on having another procedure if I needed to in the future, and for me (at the moment), the benefits have far outweighed the risks and worry.

Once again, I'd like to thank those on this forum who provide an excellent service to those with AF.

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That's sounding excellent!

Agree with you about the differences in EPs treatment of patients. I've only just had my follow-up, four months post ablation. I am to have a 24 hour monitor at some unspecified date and have another appointment in 6 months.


Glad to hear it Paul although I'm also surprised he discharged you so soon. Do check your ChadsVasc status before stopping warfarin. MY EP told me to stop as well but I chose not to. There is some evidence that not having AF DOES NOT remove the risk any more than controlling blood pressure takes than score away. Once given you can't remove any score. Better safe than sorry.

Stay well



Thank you for reporting your good news. It means a great deal to those of us awaiting ablation. Very best wishes for an AF free future.


That is fab news. Well done! X


Agree with you there Paul66 I've noticed the same thing as well as things that are said to patients. But thank you for the positive post op makes me a little less nervous for next Tuesday!


Great news. Very pleased for you.


That's great new, Paul. I hope to come off the warfarin at my 5 month appointment in October. I hope you remain AF free for a good many years.


Excellent news- keep well!!


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