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Hi all Im new to this ve been having a problems 2 yrs know just been put on waferin to get ready for first pvi abalation glenfield hospital leicester god I've been feeling rotten dead slow fast heart beats more side effects off pills just don't seem to have the go anymore reading some of the questions on ere hasn't half helped me thanx also as a anyone else had pvi done at glenfield hospital thanx to all oaky

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I expect you have seen the need for anti-coagulation talked about on the site- do look at the AF association site and work out your CHADS Vasc Score to see if you need to stay on Warfarin.

I'm sorry you are feeling rotten and hope your ablation goes well and helps to relieve your symptoms.

If you've got specific questions, there are lots of people here who have had ablation who will answer anything that's troubling you.


I've only just started warferin for the abalation also on flecainde said I would be on warferin a while after abalations done thanx oaky


No but I had a PVI done at Birmingham QE and it worked brilliantly for many years.

Good luck with it.



Good luck. I've been offered an ablation by Prof Ng at Glenfield but I'm not ready to take that step yet. He did say I would have to change from flecanide to warfarin before the procedure though - something else I wasn't keen on. Prof Ng is one of the top guys so you'll be in safe hands but it's a shame that we don't have access to such expertise in Lincolnshire.

This site will be an enormous help to you in your recovery - so much experience and caring in one place. I have been using Magnesium oil for the last few weeks after advice from the lovely people on this site and( dare I say it) things have really settled down. Thank you everyone for your advice, thoughts and information.


What you are feeling from the Coumadin is normal - especially if you never took it before. I've been on Coumadin for more than two years and I still get irregular heartbeats. In the beginning, I got really bad indigestion. How much are you taking? I'm on it for life -- blood clots twice. Yours is probably temporary.


Thanx fof all reply this site's brill just every thing getting hard work just seem worn out only on low doses of flecainde and know warferin just got to get me blood thin enough to have abalation had to stop other meds for other probs while this is sorted out was running at 300 bpm rest in god that's not nice think cardiologist was keen to get abalation started can't really tolerate drugs to at high doses


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