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Any tips on pvi abalation

Hi all just wondered how long do u need to be on warfarin before they do abalation don't think I'm gonna make me hospital date 2nd June only been on waferin 2 wks and it only 1.6 does it need to be 3 and how long for and how long after will I need to be on it I'm due at glenfield hospital Dr ng any other advice would help great site thanx oaky due u need a bladder catheter when havin this done I hate them

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Hi, I think the general consensus is about three months prior to an ablation and 3 months afterwards. This gives you time to get a steady INR prior to your ablation, as sometimes it can take a few weeks to get it steady. I was on Warfarin for about 2 months prior to my ablation, but also had a TOE a couple of days before. I think it can differ from one EP to another, but I would certainly check with yours and see what they say.

Good luck with your ablation

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Thanx Jason m8 all the best


Hi, As Jason says around two months before and your INR has to be between 2.5 and 3 I think, though every EP is different and at least 3 months after keeping your INR between 2.5 and 3.5, and don't think they do the catheter thing as they don't usually want to introduce any further infection, I had ablations done under GA and sedation and never needed a catheter but I know what you mean!

Good luck



How could they do an ablation without introducing a catheter?


Oh you mean the bladder catheter! Sorry, didn't read it properly.

I definitely had one and it stayed in for the 8 hours following when you aren't allowed to move. Didn't bother me at all though.


Your the first person that had catherter in must vary from place to place we're was your op cd


London BMI hospital, performed by one of Bart's team. They were long procedures - 7.5 hours & 7 hours respectively so I doubt I could have jumped up and gone to pee in the middle.

It wasn't an option I was offered, they just did it but under sedation so again I didn't feel a thing or remember anything.

And Bob I was allowed to sip a limited amount of water up to about 2 hours before the procedure, otherwise you would (or certainly I would be) severely dehydrated!

Time lag for reply because am in Spain and WIFI isn't at its best! Frustrating.


My INR was never stable before my Ablation, and was low even on the day, but my EP was totally relaxed about it and all went ahead no problem.

Came off Warfarin immediately after the ablation and went onto one of the NOAC's so INR not required post ablation.


My EP told me when he expected to do the ablation and to get my GP to put me on warfarin three months before that date. INR was to be between 2 and 3. Many people now feel it important to stay on anticoagulation for life if you have AF. You can't undo a stroke but you can always stop wafarin or NOACs.

Never needed a catheter for any of my ablations. Why would you? Nil by mouth for twelve hours before anyway.



I had to have an INR between 2 and 3 for four consecutive weeks before my ablation. On the day it had shot up to 3.5, but did not seem to be a problem.


I was not on any anticoagulation prior to my ablation a year ago. I was fully informed stroke was the risk with AF but I was in the low risk category.

Did anyone else here not take anticoagulation prior to an ablation?

Having read many of the posts here over the last 12 months since joining (after the ablation) I am somewhat surprised - I didn't have a TOE either unless it was carried out as part of the proceedure for which I had a GA.

Perhaps there are different protocols and management proceedures adopted for for patients of differing risk or at different centres and differing EP's?

The ablation was carried out by a very experinced EP at a specialist Heart and Chest hospital.

I know heparine was used during the proceedure and I was told I would need to take Apixaban for three months. At the threee month review I agreed in an informed discussion with the EP to continue the Apixaban until 12 months and review with him at the next appointment.


I guess the EP wanted to minimise the chances of you having a stroke while under his immediate surgical care or soon afterwards. What you choose for yourself after that is up to you.

Not everyone requires a TOE Dave (though some EPs go ahead with it anyway). Echoes, as we know, are usually taken 'externally' through the chest wall but for example, obesity, scarring from previous heart surgery, or certain lung problems (such as a collapsed lung) may block the sound waves making 'internal' examination, via the oesophagus, necessary. It enables the sensor to get 'up close and personal' to the heart.


I was asked to get my INR between 3 and 4 for my last ablation, which is higher than most people report on here. As it happens I didn't make it, got to mid-2's, but they went ahead with the procedure anyhow :-) .

Good luck with the ablation, mine was a great success for a long time and it was a doddle. I'm on Warfarin for life I think.



INR needs to be between 2-3 for an op. I was also told I need to be on warfarin forever :( regardless of what procedure you have :(


Despite being on warfarin for 4 years my INR was low the morning of my ablation and the EP just 'pumped me up' as he called it to get the INR right rather than cancel.


Hi there , I'm due at glenfield soon I hope too , I was put on warfarin two months ago now and told I need get to a target of between 2.5 and 3.5 although I went upto 2.7 then dropped to 1.9 last week back at 2.4 this week a bit all over the place which does worry me , they say I need to be in target range for 4 weeks before they will even consider doing the ablation , I've not heard anything from them about a date the last time I saw my ep was about 10 weeks ago cheers Paul


Dam me appointment been cancelled till me blood is thin enough on warfarin shouldn't be to long thou hopefully also wots a toe thanx oaky


Hi all me appointment been cancelled b cause bloods not right on warfarin but don't think will be long for new one will keep ya posted how it goes thanx oaky


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