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Life after pacemaker

A question for all the ladies that have had a pacemaker fitted.

When did you start wearing a bra again and how did you protect your pacemaker ? Also as my pacemaker is now on the right hand side of my chest how can I protect it when driving. The biggest problem is how do I carry a handbag as I now have leads on both sides. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks :)

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I had my pacemaker fitted just before Christmas last year and for the first few weeks found it more comfortable to wear a strapless bra or a sports type vest.

Don't have an issue with my seatbelt but what about using some sort of padding? over the belt itself similar to the ones you get for children to stop the belt rubbing.

I know exactly what you mean about the bag I have had to swap to the other side but know you can't not really sure about that one, I can however carry my bag over that shoulder for short periods if it is not too heavy with women junk! as my husband calls it!

Hope that helps, Good luck

Wendi x


Thank Wendi. I will get done strapless bras. I might be able to wear my handbag across my body from the left hand side if I clear out all the woman's junk as you say! Appreciate your reply.


I haven't got a pacemaker but I did have open heart surgery nearly 3 years ago. We were told to place a rolled up towel between the chest and the seat belt for the first few weeks and that certainly helped with rubbing and jarring.

I was also advised not to carry anything heavier than half a jug of water for a while. My husband says my handbag is a TARDIS!


Thanks for replying Mrspat. I will bear your advice in mind for the future


Hi, at last got back on here. I had my pacemaker over 3 years ago, can't remember how long it was before I ware a bra but certainly wasn't very long. These days I tend to forget I've got it and carry my handbag and shopping on either side

Not much help but just shows it does improve



Thanks eileenp that us certainly something to aim for. Can't wait till I can put what happened to the back of my mind. It's so good to know people on here have been through the same things and offer such positive thoughts and advice.


The discomfort wore off after a couple of months, meanwhile I had a childs padded thing on the seatbelt. Quite entertaining really because it was in the shape of a little yellow teddy!


Thanks Purple. That sounds like fun !


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