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pacemaker/ablation after care ?

Hell Every one ,

after being under my cardiologist for 3 years ,i have had 2 cardio version a pacemaker and ablation which took place last December .have had one follow up appointment beginning of August which was brought forward as i wasn't feeling well ,at this appointment i saw a registrar ,who informed me i could now be discharged ,i had no blood pressure check ecg ,and didn't see the cardiologist does any one know is this normal procedure .Thank you for taking the time to read this , poppystorey

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Surely you cannot be discharged if you have a pacemaker fitted? I would think that they would be stuck with you for ever more.

I had an ablation in August 2014. I have another routine check with the EP in September 2015 and the local Cardiologist indicated that he would see me in January 2016.

Don't let this situation drift on. You need regular check-ups.



Go back to your surgery Doctor. Ask for the results of blood pressure check. Ask what was the result of the ECG (yes I know that you didn't have these) then request that you get these tests and seek the results. You are entitled to them.

Ask if you are Atrial Fibrillation (AF) and Atrial flutter free.

You will also require regular checks on your pacemaker, at least yearly checks if not 6 monthly.

Which drugs are you on (betablockers, calcium channel blockers, blood thinners)? These will also require to be monitored.

It will be interesting to know the results?

The base line is the N.I.C.E. (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) report of June 2014 which sets out the standards of care under the NHS for those with AF and the standard of treatment they should receive. Its title is "Atrial fibrillation: the management of atrial fibrillation" Its guideline No. is 180.

Get someone to Google this document if you have not a computer yourself and print it off. Read carefully before visiting the Doctor.

Information is power. I read as much as possible about my condition and realise that even your Doctor in general practice may not be aware of all the AF facts. Good Luck.

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Davdug, I have just had a quick look at NICE guideline 180. Wow!!!! Every single one of us needs to study it in detail. It is hugely comprehensive.

Many thanks for the information.

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Thanks Dave, just ploughed through it, explains a lot!


Thank you for the NICE reference.

I have copied and filed it 'just in case!'


i had pacemaker check at 6 months and now on yearly check


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