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I saw an EP on 14th April, privately, and although he suggested an ablation and ICD implant, it will only be used as a last resort. I have to try different medication first! I was in AF on a daily basis, for several hours at a time and both myself and hubby were getting so tired through disturbed nights. I'm now back on amiodarone, for a short time only, due to wicked side effects. It certainly stops the episodes, but I'll only be on it for a couple of months, then switch to yet another medication! I do need to lose weight and I'm diabetic, but he didn't say that made a difference to doing the procedures. As amiodarone is the best medication for preventing AF episodes, I'm not too hopeful of a different tablet coping. I thought I was in control of my long term outlook, I'm so disappointed that I'm not.

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So sorry you are having a tough time Margaret. Sadly AF is a long journey and we seem to have to try many different meds and procedures to get it under control. I do hope you get on an even keel very soon.

Thinking of you, big hugs.


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Thank you, Dee. I'll get through it hopefully.



Back in 2010 I had my first really bad episode of AF had had flutters before that was taken to casualty and after a further few episodes was put on metoprolol but I was told to expect them to get worse, which they did, Had an ablation and then commenced flecanide along with metoprolol and warfarin.

My EP did then say some people are just unlucky and cannot be cured by ablation and meds alone but have to go through the medication route, I was one of the unlucky ones so five years and three ablations later have finally had a pacemaker fitted and my life has changed, no tiredness ,more energy so its a bit of a waiting game to see what does and does not work before a decision is made if you do not respond to treatment.

It seems never ending doesn't it ? but go with it and be strong and tell them your concerns, and I am sure you will get there.



Thank you, Wendi.. hoping I'll get there eventually.


Hi Margar, I must confess to be confused about the ICD. These are usually only implanted if your heart stops from time to time or goes into ventricular fibrillation. An ICD is not a pacemaker , it is an implantable cardiac defibrillator which is used to correct fibrillating ventricle rather than the atria. Are we singing from the same hymn sheet ?

I have spoken to people with ICDs and they seem to do anything to prevent it going off as the shock can be quite alarming.



Sorry, Bob. I meant pacemaker, my hubby has an ICD, must have had it on the brain!


You say "I do need to lose weight." I did too pre-ablation. It's so hard but the ablation will give you an incentive.

I told my EP that I was proposing to go on a diet and he replied " That will help me to help you."

Good luck !!


Thanks, Jenny, I've just weighed after my first week, lost 2lbs! Hope I can keep it up.

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Hello Margare

I was on Amiodorone for a very short time following an ablation and two cardio versions. The amiodorone controlled the AF but the side effects were so bad I had to come off them. The Consultant put me on Sotalol 40mg and 6 weeks later

I am beginning to get my life back. The Amiodorone stays in the system for some time so being very optimistic things should only get better. Consultant will review in 2months and decide if another ablation is required. I hope things go well for you.


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