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ICD/CRT Pacer implant

I'm having this device implanted in August. It was advised by my EP cardiologist after an echocardiogram to check my heart after paroxysmal AF episodes. He thinks I'm at risk of heart failure. I will be having 3 leads fitted and at some point later, I'll have an ablation to, hopefully, prevent AF episodes. I'm assured that the quality of my life will be greatly improved. I hope so, because I sometimes feel suicidal. I cant walk more than a few steps without getting breathless and stairs are a no-no. I'm severely limited as to where I can go, I depend a lot on my husband and he already has an ICD implant!! My incapacity affects both our lives...I so hope the doctors' plans will work for me.

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My thoughts go out to you Margar and I hope ll goes well in due course.


Hi margar,

As Bob says, our thoughts go out to you at this time.

I have been persistent AF for a number of years and have heart failure, but it sounds like yours is affecting you a lot more than me. I am also on the waiting list for a CRT/ICD pacemaker that should be fitted by mid August. From all the reports I've read, they make a fantastic difference. I have also spoken to a friend of my son and his wife, that lives in London, and he has had one for over seven years now and said he found a big difference after it was fitted. Prior to his being fitted he said he had to avoid stairs on the London underground and would go a circular route to avoid them. Now he has no problem with stairs.

I sincerely hope that you also find a big improvement once yours is fitted.

I would certainly recommend the ablation while you are still paroxysmal AF. By the time I found out about ablation I was too late to get it done since I had been persistent too long and the chances of success were extremely low.

With best wishes for the CRT/ICD fitment and and keep us posted.


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margar - I send you best wishes and thoughts. August isn't so far away and if the experts feel that things will improve for you, then it will be worth it to have your quality of life back.

All the best

Finvola xx

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Thank you both for your encouraging replies, you're very kind.


I am being re-looked at for a Pace and Ablate. As I am in permanent AF and Tachycardia now. Good luck as I have heard it can be a life changer.

Be well


I had apacemaker in January the operation is a quick and painless. Much better then going to the dentist and I am 84 my feeling is getting better .so l wish. You all the best Gordon


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