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Regular irregularity

This is not about AF but I know there are people here with other arrhythmias so I hope someone can help.

My daughter was recently involved in a car accident and although she did not seem to be injured an ambulance was called (a police van hit her!) The paramedic seemed very concerned by her ECG and had her hooked up for a long time. Finally he said that although her HR was higher than normal that was to be expected under the circumstances but what was not usual was that it was alternating fast and slow, a regular irregularity.

I know about the phenomenon where the HR follows breathing but the only other reference I can find is sick sinus syndrome which is usually a problem of older people? She was planning to see her GP anyway because of palpitations and faint feelings so it seems like something is wrong. She is booked for an ECG but as I know to my cost an ECG at the GP s is pretty useless unless you have a permanent arrhythmia.

Does anyone here recognise this situation? Need I say I don't have much faith in GP s treatment of arrhythmias!

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I don't think sss comes and goes (Imight be wrong there) so you should be able to pick it up on your alivecor. if it something that isn't always present then using an alivecor at the times she feels something is going on, would be useful to her. Mine is a godsend.



I was staying with her to mind the grandchildren at the time and suggested using my Alivecor as I was curious but she was so upset she didn't really want to be bothered, bit frustrating! My Alivecor has 'cured' my AF, hardly had a quiver since I got it!


Probably due to Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia (RSA) and would suggest that she is young , fit and healthy. RSA is natural and very common in children but decreases as we get older although I think athletes tend to hang on to it for longer. Some adults still have it but not so pronounced.


My daughter is 35 and I assumed the paramedic would not have been so concerned if he thought it was that, but maybe he was just being cautious.....


From your post I think a discussion with GP sounds the route to go down and request referral to an Electrophysiologist for a consultation who would arrange investigations as appropriate.


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