Flecainide and Bisoprolol

Just wondered if it is normal to take both of these medications together?

I am about to start Flecainide as Amoidarone didn't suit me, but I have read that Flecainide can react with Beta -blockers. Perhaps I should try to speak to my EP but I know this would take ages, so I thought I would contact the site in case someone could reassure me that the two together shouldn't result in further problems with AF.

Thankyou for such a great site--a great help.

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  • It is common to take both of these . I have been on 250 mg flecanide and 2.5 of bisoprolol. X

  • I think it's very normal to take both. The bisoprolol regulates heart rate and flecainide regulates the rhythm.

    Many people on here will be taking both.


  • I take both

  • I took both and it was not good, but others have success

    As we know AF not a one fits all, hence how the forum proves to be so invaluable.

    Good luck

  • I take both. They do different jobs.

  • Craggy well they are in theory supposed to which is the odd thing about individuals AF

    Bisoprolol is rate control, but I find it works for when I get slightly out of ryhthm so suits my symptoms

  • I have taken both for six months now, no problems.

  • I take both - 1.25mg Bisoprolol and 2 x 100mg Flecainide - and have had no adverse interactions.

  • I have also taken both for nearly a year.

  • Hello, I was on 5mg of bisoprolol and 200mg if Flecainide from December until last week. This was due to my AF returning at Christmas, I then had my second ablation at the end of February. On my six week review my EP reduced the amount to 2.5mg bisoprolol and 100mg Flecainide. Then hopefully in a months time all being well I can come off them both.

  • I have taken both these meds for a couple of years and they have reduced my episodes of AF to about a 1/10 of what I used to get. I also use Flecainide as a 'rescue' med and the AF usually resolves within 20 minutes.

    I was prescribed these by a cardiac physiologist with a good trip ration, so am confident I'm taking the right stuff!

    Good Luck

  • I didn't mention my dosages: 100mg Flecanide BD and 5 mg Bisoprolol OD; 300mg Flecainide as rescue med

  • Thank you for the info. So useful to know who does what!

    Starting Flecainide tomorrow - bit bothered about it, but shall have to see what happens.

    Thanks again x

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