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Meaning of ECG

I had an ECG today and the printout from the machine said:

Sinus rhythm

Left atrial (something which implied a problem)

Right bundle branch block

1. The cardiologist dismissed these as of no significance, but I'd still like to have some appreciation of what they mean. Any experts out there?

2. I'm on Amiodarone + Bisoprolol + steroids and immunosuppressant for vasculitis (Wegeners Disease). Anybody any experience of the combination of AF and vasculitis?


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Firstly I must stress that the computer generated diagnosis is not to be taken as gospel. Quite often they are quite wrong and only a trained expert in reading ECG traces can tell you what they see. Many GPs are very bad at it and quite a few cardiologists. There was an article last year which showed a number of traces and why the diagnosis was wrong. If your EP says not to worry, then don't.


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Apparently, I also have right bundle branch block but it causes me no problems. I gather otherwise, healthy people can have this condition.


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