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Update and feeling better

Hi everyone,

I thought I might just bring you all up to date...I am feeling much better these days nearly 10 months later....having said that...I still have very small runs of SVT....that sometimes makes me feel rather sick.....and I still have days were I need to go off to bed and put up with whatever is going on at the time....the PAF seems to have all but gone since the ablation and time to heal thank heavens....I hope it never comes back but accept it may at some time in the future.....My EP is adamant I do not need to have anticoagulants and the doctor now agrees having told me to stop aspirin as well.....I was a bit nervous at first but am happy to report all is going ok thus far....the EP will review next month.......

I also had my CT the other day for the pancreas to see how the situation sits....I don't get those results for another 7 days but, I hope the result before was a huge mistake on their part....I have put on a few kilos and the gastroparesis is almost gone.... I still can't tolerate a few foods now so avoid them....am back to having Nexium in morning, and a multivitamin and Mirtazapine at night as well as Avapro for Blood pressure and my asthma meds....so 1/2 the meds I was taking....and they have said in 12 months if I am doing ok I can wean of the mirtazapine and see how I go but that's a long way off.....

I just want to say how amazing this site is and I thank everyone for their unconditional support of each other ....will write again next week and report on the CT hoping its all clear and I am in the clear....crossed fingers and toes....I just want to be ok .....funny about that ...we so take health for granted till something goes wrong....

Best wishes everyone

Jo x

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Best wishes Jo! stay positive that's the key.

Take care,

Wendi xx


So good to hear from you. Glad to hear that things are so much better than they were and you've a lot of successes. Encouraging! The good thing about a difficult time is that when you have overcome it you are strengthened by your success and it can make other problems seem less daunting because you know you can win.


Rellim,that is a very wise philosophy....



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