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Scallops and Arrhythmia


Now I love scallops and it's always my choice as a starter when eating out. Recently I've been buying frozen ones from Sainsburys and just thought I'd look up and see what vitamins they contain. Well I'm amazed at the references in the following link as to how they can help the heart and especially arrhythmia.

Take a look:

If it doesn't work as a link just paste it into your browser. Now I can enjoy them lightly fried (lunch times) and with some nice bread. Yum and it's helping my AF.


Link doesn't work, just type scallops and minerals into Google

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Smoked salmon sandwich with cream cheese is my bang.

Love scallops, one to add the wife's weekly shop, food bill is going through the roof haha

eating loads of fish so this will add something different.

Thats one of the reasons I supplement with fish oil - around 3000 mg combined of EPA/DHA a day to get your Omega-3's. It helps heart, skin, brain, joints, sexual function - a whole HOST of good things it does for your body.

Almost 20 years ago my knees started to creak when I would work out at the gym. I started supplementing with fish and here we are 20 years later (and much bigger!) and my knees have recovered completely and serve me well.

I have been a fish oil fan forever :)

MickN in reply to Dave1961

Which fish oil Dave, I some years back started on Cod liver oil but that never agreed with me, would make me burp and a horrible taste of fish for ages.

Polski in reply to MickN

Try Nature's Best Fish Oil, which is not Cod Liver Oil and can be taken in larger quantities quite safely as it does not contain Vitamin A. (Website and Mail order)

I love them to wrapped in bacon. Yummy. Sure beats the meds!

Yes, but who would have thought they helped AF!

Scallops and black pudding are my all time fave. Don't suppose the latter does much for the AF, so will have to increase the scallops.

Have to recommend it to the EPs as a treatment!


They work wonders for your love life, so I'm told, I wouldn't know :-( .


Thanks! I love scallops and all shellfish.

I am increasingly looking at what foods I like not just as an accident but because my stomach/body gives me a good feeling after eating because it needs it. We are no different to horses/other animals who will be drawn to herbs etc to self medicate, if available, when ill.

Not to be a spoilsport... but please check the source of your scallops; saw a documentary by Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall which showed how they are most often dredged from the sea bed, leaving an empty, sterile environment behind.

Will do. Thanks for letting me know.

Jeannie! I read this posting of yours yesterday (December 14, 2017) though I see it was originally posted 3 years ago. Having read it, I made mental note to buy some scallops (which I love but don't normally buy). Then today, my daughter stopped by with a package of frozen scallops for me! She knew nothing about your posting (in fact was unaware that I visit this helpful forum), but on impulse she had decided to give me the treat of some scallops. What timing! Have you continued to include them in your diet and have they helped with the arrhythmia?

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