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Atrial Fibrillation @ Anxiety

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone is currently taking medication for anxiety? I was on Lexapro but because of a prolonged QT had to stop. I suffer with anxiety disorder and wonder if anyone was taking medication that didn't impact on the QT wave. I don't want to commence taking Benzodiazepines; does anyone have any suggestions? thankyou

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Hi Dee

I was on Lexapro for around 5 months - mainly for depression but also for some minor anxiety.

Have suffered from depression since my late teens (decades ago) and have tried several medications but none since my AF was diagnosed.

I felt it was working but just always had this awful nagging lurking feeling that something was about to happen.

It was only once i was off the Lexapro for about 2 weeks I realised that what I was feeling was the edges of an AF attack constantly. While I was on the Lexapro I probably went into AF at least once a week and had to be hospitalised 3 times from memory.

That was 8 weeks ago. Today was my first AF event (I wouldn't even call it an attack) and it lasted around 20 minutes. While I knew it was still lingering but not really affecting me I had one thing I had to do at work before I left which was fiddling with some shelving.

In the middle of me trying to sort it out the shelving came tumbling down on me. I wasn't hurt but it WAS a shock and as soon as it happened it must have reset me and my AF went completely. Bizarre side story I guess BUT before magnesium the AF I was feeling today would have very likely landed me in hospital.


My anxiety - minor as it was - has disappeared and my overall mood has lifted considerably. Haven't felt the lurching depression I suffered from for several weeks now.

Early days but I feel magnesium has been a godsend for both my AF and my depression - both of which scientifically it IS supposed to help with.

I know this doesn't necessarily answer your question directly but I encourage anyone with your symptoms to at least consider magnesium and get tested for your blood levels. Just google AF and magnesium and you will find a wealth of studies and data raving about it.


HI Dave, strange you should mention that about the mg; I have been taking mg for years and since coming off Lexapro I have doubled the dose and I haven't gone into AF since, that's been about 6-8 weeks. Lexapro is contraindicated because of the QT wave and I am also on Sotalol which doesn't help either. It's a shame doctors don't tell more patients to commence on mg; it's beneficial for lots of reasons. thanks for the reply


Having decided I have to (finally) take a more active role in my health I was at the Dr's yesterday getting him to set me up with blood tests for zinc, potassium, vitamin D etc. and I told him what I had experienced with starting on the magnesium.

He point blank told me that they don't really teach anything about supplements in medical school. I have heard this from someone else around here as well. Its insane. Could that mean when we are deficient in these vitamins and nutrients they don't really know how to fix it apart from prescribe something by Pfizer? No wonder we have become so dependent upon the drug companies.

If big pharma could patent vitamins and minerals I would bet we would suddenly have a whole host of incredibly expensive supplements on the prescription list!


I have read alot about how MG helps. Curious to know what strength u take and which one. I have been dealing with AF for over a year, many drs and MANY tests including an ablation later, I deal with palpatations, dizziness and so drained on a daily basis.Just dx with fibromyalgia recently ( I think the dr got tired of meso slapped me with ffibromyalgia and anxiety). Anyway I just keep on keeping on. Work every day ( more days harder than few good). But in the Gods got this. Prayers for everyone


I take the brand Swanson - Triple Magnesium Complex 400mgs, I take two capsules at bedtime every night. Swanson is a reputable brand its made in the USA and I ordered it on line, I think on ebay. The website is The Swanson brand is used by many naturopaths (I am not a naturopath and have no connection to the company)


Can you tell me please what magnesium you take the strength and where do you get it from.thanks Sann


SWANSON - Triple magnesium complex I take two a day which equals 800mgs.


Hi Dave, what strength of magnesium are you currently taking?, I have been taking 300mg but wondered if I should take a little more, what's your experience with doses and how long does it take to kick in?




Try Nature's Best or Higher Nature - both have a good reputation, and can be ordered over the internet or bought from a Health Food Shop. Start with a low amount, and gradually increase it can cause diarrhoea initially.


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