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in your opinion, what is optimal treatment for AF and sick sinus disease?

Hello everyone

my AF is worsening as expected and I can go a couple of weeks now before it settles but "tolerate it well." (GPs words there). I have a pacemaker for the bradycardia part of SSD but also have emphysema, so over time my oxygen level (currently fairly good), will worsen and in turn presumably worsen the AF and SSD.

Anyone in same boat, or have ideas I can investigate further please?

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Hi Lloegr,

Sorry to hear you are having a whole lot of issues to deal with. I don't have experience of your condition so cannot help there. All I can do is send you a big virtual hug in support until someone on the forum who has a similar condition can hopefully give some helpful pointers from their own experience.

Take care.



Thanks Dee, x


Dear Lloegr, I have problems with bradycardia but told due to disease in the electrical pathway, not sure if the same as SSD? Medics holding off pacing me because of how I reacted to a cardioversion.

My AF improved in recent weeks and the main changes are I stopped drinking alcohol (although intake was low anyway) and I have tried to cut out processed foods, aiming for a healthier diet. Whether this is coincidence or they are the key to making a difference I am not sure.

I think taking CQ10 and magnesium made a positive difference too, but as another member suggested before taking supplements is best to check with medics first. Hope you find some answers to help you and that you start to feel better soon.


Hi, thanks for reply. I don't drink alcohol or caffeine,, take q10 but not mag because Im on high dose calcium channel blockers which dilate vessels already, so didnt want to risk it, also exercising when able to, diet needs improving and am seeking to work on this, so must try harder.

Carole x


Don't be too hard on yourself, it took me sometime to get my head around eating better. I signed up to Slimming World, with the knowledge and agreement of my Consultant. She was happy as long as I follow a balanced healthy diet. Now week four and its a struggle but I am determined to loose weight and stick with healthy eating as I am sure this has helped me feel better.


well done that's brilliant, keep it up x


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