Your views on stroke prevention treatment in AF

Morning all

We have been approached by a research company who are looking into patient perceptions on stroke prevention treatment in AF (oral anticoagulants) and what your experience has been with these.

It is anonymous. Depending on the outcome, the results may be published to highlight the need for improvement in protection of AF-related stroke.

The company (Opinion Health) is offering a £4 Amazon Gift Card to all those who take part.

Take part in this short survey

Thank you!

Raj Bilkhu

AF Association

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  • 'Tis done...

  • done also

  • All filled in.

  • and me

  • And another

  • and another one bites the dust.

  • All done

  • Completed


  • and another

  • and another!

  • Done it as well. Really hope I don't go on some mailing lists !!!

  • .....and me. Going on line to Amazon now!

  • And me.

  • and another one done.

  • Oh drat, I just realised the email address I use is not the same one I use for Amazon so I've just lost £4 :-( :-( ....doh

  • Well mine hasn't turned up yet.....and I've made so many plans!

  • Why Koll? or you could just forward it to your other address couldn't you

  • You're right bagrat, it just came through, just got to plan what to spend it on now.

  • Add another one to the list.

  • Couldn't complete the survey, Australia is not on the location list?

  • Maybe "South" is most appropriate for Australians :)

  • Have completed survey.

  • They've met their target - boo-hoo

  • I have my voucher ... yay!!! Alas too late to get OH also AF to complete survey

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