EP appointment yesterday still worried

Bit disappointed yesterday as I paid privately 2 months ago to see my EP then had a NHS appt yesterday to see him again but at the clinic I didn't see him (he was there) but saw a Registrar, does this happen to many people on this site? Anyway the outcome was to stay off Bisroprol as it was making my heartbeat too slow and continue with my own Drs suggestion to take 2 Bisoprolol if AF started, wait another 6 hours then take another 2, if that doesn't work go to hospital. I know it's not ideal and will worry when it is going to happen, I am off to Portugal in June, will I end up in hospital there. Is there anyone else on this sort of plan taking bisroprol if AF happens? I have another follow up in 6 months, if this doesn't work then I will need a pacemaker, I am thinking now should I have said to put me on waiting list for pacemaker, I am so mixed up and wish I had seen the EP. I have to continue with the Rivaroxaban for another 4 days as diarrhoea isn't as bad as it was (I have been on it for 4 weeks) but if it doesnt stop completely then come it for 3 days to see if it stops. If it stops in the 3 days without the Rivaroxaban then we know thats the reason and change to Apixaban. I don't know why I feel like this but I feel like they are not taking enough time with me to talk about things, I know they are busy and I am only another number. Thanks again.

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  • I don't understand having seen an EP why you have not been tried on an anti-arrhythmic drug like flecainide unless you have other cardiac problems. This apparent reliance on bisoprolol and subsequent flip to a pacemaker do not seem sensible to me. In regard to Registrar V ER welcome to NHS. me thinks. Has ablation been discussed or what other plans made?


  • I have my EP appointment tomorrow and am going to do what I do on every visit and hopes it works again. I tell reception that I would like to see the EP himself and that he said to ask for him. He did tell me to say that once when I told him I preferred to see him so I ask every time. Sometimes I'm told I might have to wait longer but I'm willing to do that.

    (I'm aware I'm no different to anyone else waiting but you have to do what's best for yourself in these circumstances. )

    I have only once seen one of his registrars.


  • What hospital are you under gemsmum?


  • I saw my EP through private appointment in September last year. Following and echocardiogram and another ECG in October I received a letter dated 10th November saying that they had found something that needed further investigation and an MRI scan despite my local hospital discharging me! Anyway I've been chasing and chasing for another appointment on,y to be told that he's reverted me back to NHS without my knowledge and my next appointment is now 1st April so hoping that I manage to get my MRI scan done I get to see him in clinic!

    I'm prescribed 2.5mg bisoprolol daily but find taking it daily doesn't agree with me so I take it as and when AF starts which suits me fine, but this hasn't been agreed with any GP, EP or cardiologist.

    It's not Sheffield by any chance is it?


  • Diane (it's me again!), A similar thing happened to me with waiting for my MRI with a follow up EP appointment already made. I phoned the MRI department to tell them of my EP appointment , saying he would need my results by then and they booked me in for my MRI in time!

    Chase them up.


  • Thanks Pat (you again lol!) I think I will just to be sure!


  • I saw the registrar yesterday, I was told I could see the EP but didn't know how late he would be. As I felt everything had been relatively okay since my last appointment I saw the registrar but I did say if she had any news of concern about results I would want to see the EP and she was fine with this. Fortunately results were better than expected and I am still feeling over the moon!

  • Hi gemsmum (I'm a jemsmum too!)

    Had similar experience to you. Saw Cardiologist privately as GP told me there was a huge wait in NHS. Consequently saw him within the next week and he was excellent. Arranged ecogram, ct dye scan etc. transferred to NHS and got letter from Cardio clinic to actually see him. Waited for nearly two hours and then a nurse came into the waiting room and started putting the lights out. I was the last person in there. When I asked her what was going on she said I was definitely going to be seen. Waited, waited and eventually a woman opened another door and invited me in. I assumed she was a doctor in the Cardiologist's team and asked her name. She flashed her badge at me but the name was so long I could not begin to pronounce it in my head and still have no idea what it was. She was very nice but unfortunately not in the same league as the Cardiologist.

    Now I appreciate that every young doctor has to start and slowly progress, but I do think there should be a follow up for both doctor and patient. Perhaps some 'consultations' should be recorderd for safety and quality. We seemed to be in a hurry. No in depth questions. No pauses for thought, and secondary questions related to my answers. She said 'we need to get you on warfarin or aspirin'. Even I know aspirin is not recommended by Nice now. The letter she subsequently sent to my GP is not a true outcome of the meeting, at which she said she would arrange an appointment with the EP, April was mentioned by her, re a second ablation and in the meantime sort out a Holter monitor.

    As I had not heard a thing for nearly a month I contacted my GP. He read out the letter.

    Only an increase in Bisoprolol advised. No appointment with the EP. On the waiting list for the monitor.

    Much as it pains me it, we may need to resort to paying privately to get better care. Regards M

  • Thanks for all the replies, I now know it is just luck if you see the EP but it will probably be one of his Drs. When I am supposed to see him again in 6 months I will make a point of telling the receptionist I would like to see him and don't mind waiting, thanks Pat hope your appointment went well. Your experience sounds the same as mine (jemsmum) M, hope you get to see your EP soon.

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