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Saw EP today

Hi everyone - just thought I would bring you up to date re the episode I posted about a few weeks ago as I met with the EP today.

Firstly he confirmed it was AF with AFl and we agreed that I now stay on anticoagulants.

Secondly he confirmed that I don't need to go to A&E at all unless I am feeling very ill as there is no 'safety' reason for being in A&E and as I am immune suppressed is probably the last place I would want to be. Agreed!

Thirdly he said he would write a note on my hospital record that I must not be given heart rate drugs - yeah! This was my biggest fear and why I really didn't want the paramedics to take me the other Tuesday. I will also carry copy of letter to GP saying not to prescribe beta blockers or calcium channel blockers. Big relief.

Fourthly - no other action required unless I feel ill or have frequent episodes and then his recommendation will be Flecainide intravenous followed by cardioversion ASAP so that the AF doesn't beget itself.

So I have a treatment plan and Hubbie was reassured that there is no danger in staying at home in fast AF, as long as I am not feeling ill with it and it doesn't go on for days as it could then become persistent.

If AF episodes do become frequent then may consider another ablation but that would mean IVIG treatment prior to any sedation so rather not unless it really effects QOL.

I am one happy and relieved bunny. And feeling quite well at present.

Enjoying these Beautiful autumn days and on cliff walk yesterday we were treated to the most magnificent display of a Spitfire practicing aerial acrobatics over the shoreline/sea. Felt like a display all for us, so exciting. Recognized unmistakeable noise of that engine long before we saw it!

Best wishes CD.

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Great post's amazing how confidence can be boosted when you have a sensible conversation with someone you trust.....long may it wishes, John


Sounds like everyone came together to forge that plan, which is how it should be for peace of mind. Keep well. PS It must be the time of year for Spitfires, we had two flying back and forth over us near the South Coast.

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Good news and a sensible treatment plan, CD. It puts things into perspective when we know where we are, so to speak.

Autumn over here is spectacular too - sunny, soft and calm. xx


Such good news CD and I am so jealous about the Merlin . THE best noise in the world. About 15 year ago when I lived in Essex I used to lead walks for a local Ramblers group and did a lot around old airfields. One day we were just standing quietly around the memorial stone at the old main gate when Ray Hanna flew over in MH434 on his way to a display at Biggin HIll. Not a dry eye in the house.

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That is good news. It's good to have a plan in place for peace of mind. Glad you are feeling so well as I know about MG as my husband has it too. Hope your stay well and focused. Good to have an update on everyone, I hate it when people just disappear off the radar.



So pleased your way forward is fairly clear. I hope AF will be dormant and this recent episode will turn out to have been no more than an isolated event.

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So good to see such a positive post. Long may it last, CD. I sometimes stop reading AFA posts because they make me depressed and I lose faith in recovery. Yours has had quite the reverse effect. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to let us know.



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