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Hi all

Today I saw my EP, unfortunately the Myasthenia played up so very difficult to talk or think so wasn't able to say everything I wanted but he could see I was struggling and was very patient.

From his side the options were Amiodarone - I feel that is last resort and I am not there yet, Flecainide which I am not keen on but will consider but want to be observed for first dose in hospital in case of Myasthnic crisis - which he agreed was essential. Another PVI ablation - a possibility if things don't improve or Pace and ablate not there yet I hope!

He agreed that the AF is vagal and can see from the ECGs that it starts with Atrial Tachycardia, then flips into AF. We agreed that working with diet etc with the nutritionist could improve or at least manage the episodes, as long as they were not too frequent and didn't impact the Myasthenia too much, which is my major concern. If they do so then I can return for review and consider another PVI ablation.

So I have a free pass to go on holiday in a few weeks - hurrah!

Hoping tomorrow will be a better day.

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  • Hi CD, well the sun is shining here so let's hope things will be better for you. At least you have been given some options to consider and with your knowledge and experience, there is a good chance for improvement on the horizon. Enjoy your holiday, but watch out for that diet......😉

    Best wishes, John

  • Hope you have a lovely holiday with good weather and good health.

  • A nice range of options there, CD, and food for thought. If the choice of medication goes to the bottom of your list it would help to reduce the number of carrier bags your pills come in.

    Great that the holiday gets the green light!

  • Great about the holiday. It sounds as though you have a great E.P. and doesnt that just make all the difference.

    Do I remember that you have been on flecanide before?

    As Relim says, you do have a range of options to consider now even though some of them may be questionable at this stage. However it is good to know that he isnt actually ruling anything out.

    Happy holiday. X

  • You are correct - good memory! It worked as a PIP for quite a while and then as daily dose which became none effective as AF progressed so much. But if it helps, just not a fan of taking more very toxic drugs. I will need to process and perhaps look at Magnesium spray if levels are down - I did hear mention of imbalance of electrolytes in MAU last week where they did take bloods.

    Everything would be so much easier and straightforward without the Myasthenia.

    I have just come back from having my monthly blood draw and nurse said that GP has ordered more than usual tests, including Magnesium so that is a first.

    So today, my birthday, I had bloods this morning, off for O2 treatment soon and MRI this afternoon - whatever happened to birthday day out treats?

    Oh well, holiday in 10 days with plenty of days out in the land of Ice & Fire.

  • Sorry you are having such a rough time on your Birthday I hope you can make up for it on your holiday. He has given you a lot of food for thought. Myself I would have another PVI in a heartbeat if I thought it would improve things although I know you have to consider your MG too. I felt great on Amioderone it's a shame it's so toxic, would it be contraindicated with your other drugs? Best wishes as always.


  • Oh how our birthdays change as we get older! Last year my birthday presesnt was a pair extra wide orthopedic trainers to fit my ever growing bunyons.....too much info I know!

    Happy Birthday CDreamer x

  • It sounds like you have had an excellent consultation, CD and have all options to consider and it's good news that your holiday plans have got the go-ahead.

    Enjoy your holiday and relax.

  • Good result CD. Have a great holiday.

  • Thanks Bob - how are you doing? Hope everything has settled down for you.

    I will PM you.

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