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Saw EP at Wythenshaw Hospital last week and he has changed his opinion from last time I saw him. I have had two AF attacks in one year but as I have a slow heartbeat when not in AF, around 50 bpm, I only use bisoprolol as PIP and Apixaban. He discussed giving me a pacemaker last time then he could give me drugs for the AF and the pacemaker would keep my heart at a steady pace. This time he said to leave it to see how my AF behaves in the next six months, I have to see him again in May 2016. He never discussed ablasion but I am thankful no pacemaker at the minute as I thought last time it was decided too quickly when I had only seen him once. We will see what the next six months brings, in the meantime Happy Christmas to everyone on the forum and thanks for your help during the year.

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  • Hi Gemsmum,

    Thanks for your post, and Happy Xmas to you.

    Tell me how are you getting on with the Apixaban now?

    Best Wishes


  • Hi Barry

    I am getting on really well with the Apixaban and have had no problems regards, Gemsmum

  • Hi Gemsmum,

    That is excellent news, I am thinking of asking my EP to put me on them after the ablation, as I am having problems with the rivaroxban.

    Best Wishes


  • I was on rivaroxaban and had problems with diarrhoea, it stopped when EP advised I change to Apixaban. Why don't you ask to change to Apixaban now whilst you wait for your ablasion.

  • Yes I remember you saying so in one of your previous posts, I'm glad you got that sorted out and pleased you are more settled on Apixaban.

    Yes good point, I will send an email to his PA, and request his authority so that I can I inform my GP.

    Thank you for the advice.

    Best Wishes


  • It was a cardiologist at Wythenshawe who thought I may need a pacemaker and referred me to the EP Dr Davidson. One ablation later I am in perfect health and just received the results of my 18 month stress test there saying both my heart and lungs are performing as expected for my age (60).

    For yourself I'd try and stay away from the pacemaker if you can. New techniques and drugs are appearing all the time and if you can avoid this irreversable step all the better.

  • Hi pretty much the same in that last time I was in for a few days the cardio folk did say that a pacemaker and the bisoprolol might be an option.

    I still cant get to grips with the notion that you need both.

    I did suggest to the cardio nurse that I mght use the biso as a PIP but that was considered unwise without a proper check .

    Hope things work out okay for you -

  • Thank you all for your comments and I am so glad I didn't go for the pacemaker at the first EP visit. I wil cross that bridge when and if I come to it, in the meantime I hope I can get another few months AF free without the bisoprolol. I have no other problems with my heart but am having another echo cardiogram before I see him again, at my suggestion and he agreed as he didn't see my last one as it was under a cardiologist at another hospital. Kind regards.

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