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Ablation done

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Hello all well back safe and sound after my Ablation yesterday 17/02

What can I say, the ablation itself really was a doddle from what I was expecting despite all the reassurances from fellow ablatees.

Had quite a long wait prior to actually going down to the lab/ward, however the lad next to me had his done the day previous and he looked fine and again assured me it was fine and that he also expecting something that, well, never materialised.

My EP said it went so well he was able to explore all areas, and on trying to induce AF after the PVI freezing was one he could not.

The worst part of the whole thing was the ice cream headache and a very slight chest discomfort.

One mishap though when I was back on the ward, say 4/5 hrs later I required the bed peeing bottle, male nurse checked my groin and said "oh that's fine you will be able to walk to the toilet" which I did, got to the toilet and that was it, blood pouring out, quickly went very faint and nauseous, they managed to get me back on my bed, but that was the worse I felt all day., eventually after about ten minutes was ok again, albeit LBP.

Anyway, back home, bar a few missed beats so far so good, EP did make the point though not to be worried if AF does apper over the next few weeks, all part of the process.

So thanks all r the encouraging posts, good luck to all In my position, and those worrying about ablation, don't, it really is a breeze, it may not cure us, but definitely as a procedure to be considered as in my case as was getting nowhere with the meds prescribed.



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Glad all went well Mick. It gives me a little peace of mind for Monday. Take it easy for a bit now.

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Pleased to hear it went well Mick.

All sounds very promising.

As Jason says, take it easy.


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Good to know it went well, I know only too well the trauma of a post op bleed - and all I did was open my legs for a pee bottle..........


Pleased it all went well for you. Make sure you rest for a few weeks now. Best wishes.



Thank you for such a positive post. Best wishes for a good recovery. You need to learn how to pace yourself as your heart needs time to heal.


So pleased for you I was thinking about you and hoping it was going well and that you would quickly be in a position well enough to report back.

Well done, rest and be well.


Told you it was no problem. Well done and rest now. Two weeks min.



So pleased all went well. I have been tired all week after the initial elation but today, one week on, I feel much more normal and have walked my dogs in the sunshine. Whatever the outcome I am glad I had it done as I feel like I'm back in some kind of control. Take it easy now and enjoy relaxing.x

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Thanks all, my biggest discomfort is my groin area, quite sore tonight more so than this morning.

On another note EP stopped my Warfarin immediately and put me on Rivaroxaban 20mg a day, my INR was never steady when on warfarin.

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Just noticed you're on Rivaroxaban, Mick. I too switched from warfarin to this and I find it much less hassle. I still take it now even though according to CHADSVASc I don't need to - it gives me peace of mind.


Hi Mick

So pleased all went well.

Best regards.



Mick - I'm so pleased that it all went well - except for the bleed. Like I said before, I had a bit of AF within the first few weeks but nothing after that. I hope the recovery goes well. Remember though, they say it can take up to 3 months for the heart to really heal (my EP said 2 months but the general advice from folk on here say 3), so don't worry too much if you have at the occasional episode.


So glad it is all over and you are now on the road to recovery. My ablation was cancelled due to the pacemaker technician being off sick!

Take care and get plenty of rest.

Angel blessings and healing.



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