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Hi All, I had my long awaited ablation on Monday for AF and was discharged yesterday morning. Unfortunately I went into a prolonged bout of AF shortly after returning home & after taking normal PIP there was no change. I called the hospital who told me to come straight back. After 7 hours ( my longest ever episode) I eventually went back to NSR with the help of Flecanaide. I also had a scan of the heart to check all ok as my BP dropped to around 70/53, all was ok there thank goodness. Sorry if this is a boring post but I just wanted to share my experience with you so far. My EP has said that this doesn’t mean that the ablation has failed as the heart will be swollen for quite some time afterwards and this can happen. It just freaked me out a bit as even though I was expecting my heart to be jumpy for a long time afterwards I wasn’t quite expecting such a lengthy episode of AF. Anyway, that’s my story so far, thanks for taking the time to read it.

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I've been lucky after all 4 of mine it hasn't had anything like that. It gets said a lot that the first few months are the time when the heart is healing and "early days" if anything happens in that window - events at that time are usually down to the procedure and recovery and not an indication of a failure or further problem presenting!

Take it easy!

I hope things settle down soon for you,lots of people seem to get wonky episodes after the ablation especially in the first few weeks/months.

Best wishes


This was precisely why we produced a fact sheet on Recovery from Ablation . Doctors seldom explain all the things that can happen such as this and of course the migraine aura. Since most people find that they are still improving six or nine months later the idea that ablation is a quick fix is risible. Take you time. rest and be patient.

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Yes - Take your time, rest and be patient. Unlike me , of course. Perhaps you can learn from my mistake 🤭

Hi Maura, thanks for taking the time to write - it’s not boring at all! It’s very helpful to hear people’s experiences of AF, and especially here for anyone considering or anticipating an ablation. I’m sorry you had such a scary time post-ablation - just when you hoped you could relax. Like you, even though I’ve read the warnings and very helpful info sheet, I wouldn’t have expected to have an AF event that is so much worse than usual. (Though obviously I’ve learnt now it’s not unusual!) Great that you’re back on an even keel now- hope the rest of the recovery is easier. Take care :) x

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Thank you so much, fingers crossed things will continue to get better, I’ll keep you posted x

Nothing to add Maura, but please let us know when things start to stabilise (as they will), best wishes....

Hi Maura, your post wasn't boring in the slightest. I had the same thing happen after my third ablation, had vacated my hospital bed as someone else needed it and then while still in the ward my heart took off racing. I was given an ECG and then my bed back and didn't leave until the next day when my heart calmed. Had to re-start the pills that I'd stopped taking too. It is extremely disappointing, no matter what anyone says. In between the procedure and my heart taking off next day I'd felt wonderful and my daughter had commented on how bright and chirpy I was. Hope you stay settled now.


As others have said, it is very early days for you and until a bit of time has passed it is very difficult for the doctors to make a judgment on success or failure.

I have had to have a number of ablations and I can remember on one occasion I was back in AF the following day whilst still in hospital.

It was a Saturday and I had to tell the duty staff that the best option was extra Flecainide.

Sadly I had to have more ablations but in the end all has now been well for me with only one 5 hour episode in 11 months.

Just take it easy, rest a lot and give it some time to settle down. All may be well in a while.


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