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All done


Hi all my apologies for not updating you sooner about my ablation as there was no internet connection. All went well but I did pick up an enemy in the anaesthetic which did not agree with me, but I can live with that. On admission I was treated very well and all I remember about the procedure was walking to the theatre sitting on the bed and asked to lie down. The team worked very quickly, I suspect to reduce the stress, and the next thing I remember I awoke being taken back to the ward. Back now and rest is of the order to get rid of the effects of the anaesthetics. I also have slight chest pain but that is expected. The surgeon did explain that when they entered my heart I went into AF which allowed them to ablate the AF away. He said he had to do more ablation than expected which was symptomatic of the increased AF I was getting. So all good so far next few months will tell. Thanks for all the support from you guys it certainly helped me through to here.

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Thank you for posting your news. It means a great deal to those of us awaiting ablation.

I hope that your recovery is trouble-free and that the AF is gone.

Sounds good. Seems you'd agree the most difficult part to deal with is over once you get to the lab. Hope the next few days and weeks go well for you.

Glad to hear that everything went well what did you mean by picking up an enemy in the anaesthetic ? I'm considering an ablation as no AF at the moment but slow pulse going into racing mode and and making me very weak. Got an appointment on Wednesday to see GP . I hope your recovery goes as well as the op did. Best wishes Terjo

Steve_D in reply to Terjo

anaesthetic can effect people In different ways and for me it was a bit unpleasant but after just day I am feeling better and glad I had the procedure.

argzxoni61 in reply to Steve_D

Hi Steve,I know what you mean about the anesthetic it took over 2 weeks to get out of my system but much better now,It takes time don,t rush anything and you,ll soon be feeling better good luck argzxoni

Terjo in reply to Steve_D

Thank you it takes ages to get out of the system, glad you're feeling better. Very reassuring .


Good new. Just rest plenty now and take time to get back to normal life.


Great news... the most difficult is past - the anticipation! Best wishes for a AF free recovery- take your time!

Good to hear that all went well Keep us informed please of how you progress.

Happy to hear about another successful news ;)

Have rest and relax during the recovery .


Good news for your success and recovery and also for all of us waiting for our own ablations. Take care, relax and keep us posted.

That's great, I hope you continue to recover well and take it easy. It looks like this is the road I will be going down next as I am still in continuous AF after nearly 3 weeks. It's reassuring to read your post. Be well.


Steve_D in reply to cbsrbpm

Hi Brenda thanks for the message and my thoughts are with you.

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