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Hello everyone,

What a very helpful forum this is! I was diagnosed with Afib two years ago - my doctor was happy with the treatment of aspirin/fish oil/diltiazem. However, I have been seen by a cardiologist recently who has prescribed Apixaban ( a newer anticoagulant). Has anyone out there been on this medication for a while (i.e over a year and if so - any noticeable side effects?) Love to read your replies on this question.



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Hi Musetta and welcome. Not been on apixaban as I have always been on warfarin for the last ten years with no side effects. Aspirin is about as useful as a chocolate teapot where stroke prevention in AF is concerned so thank goodness you have seen somebody with half a brain cell who is actually in the 21st century..

Cardiologists are better than nothing but the real experts in AF are electrophyiologists so if you can get to see one so much the better. They are the electricians to the cardiologists plumbers you see.



Thanks for the reply Bob much appreciated. I shall definitely look into an appointment with an EP.

What do they offer for this most unpleasant condition? Cheers, Musetta.


Hello Musetta - I've been on Apixaban for 14 months and have no problems with it at all. I've had a couple of accidental nosebleeds which stopped of their own accord within 15 minutes and one which bled for longer and was caused by a dust-allergy but still stopped itself. Bruises are more noticeable but that would be the case with any AC.

A reliable regime for taking it twice daily is essential and it is recommended that you have a kidney function test annually.

Best wishes with it.


Hello Finvola, Thanks so much for your helpful reply. It certainly cleared a few doubts in my mind!

I have commenced my Apixaban - the list of side effects are as long as your arm - so fingers crossed! Cheers, Musetta from down under.


I'm sure your doctor will have this in hand Musetta but as well as a kidney function test, a check on liver function after 3 months and then annually is also important for Apixaban users. I'm a comparative newbie, on it for around 3 or 4 months but no problems whatsoever.


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