New to all this! Meds/supplements advice much appreciated

Hi everyone, I'm very glad to have found you and the AFA website info. I've been reading and finding it a huge support - thank you - and this is my first post.

I was diagnosed with AF after one episode in October which was caught on my 'reveal' implant. Before that lots of SVTs had been picked up (it doesn't register the ectopics I feel too) and I think now that I was probably in & out of AF before my initial referral to cardiology.

I'm now on Rivaroxaban and the specialist cardiac nurse who I saw says the EP (who I haven't seen in person) wants me to go on Bisoprolol. I wasn't too happy with this because I have asthma and also allergies (including anaphylaxis risk) to some foods, and I understand Bisoprolol can make these more risky. But the cardiac nurse said the EP insisted. I asked to discuss it with him, but she said no. Am I being unecessarily cautious to delay taking it? Any thoughts/wisdom? (Btw I can't go on flecainide because they've picked up some 'lower chamber arrhythmia' prior to the AF, whatever that means!)

Also, I've got a question about taking fish oils and other heart-friendly vitamins & minerals...

Does anyone have any wisdom on taking omega 3 high strength fish oil supplements with Rivaroxaban? I know you can't with warfarin. I've stopped it since taking the anticoagulant in case- but I badly need it for my skin and joints and it helps my cholesterol too. Be very grateful if anyone has had advice. My anticoagulation nurse threw her hands up and said, 'Your guess is as good as mine!'

Ditto with other general multi vitamins and/ or heart-suppprtive supplements - anyone take any, or been advised either way?

Many thanks - you guys are like a lifeline.

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  • Sorry, me again - in case it makes any difference, let me introduce myself with some more background info!

    I'm female, 49, and as well as all the asthma/ eczema/allergy stuff I'm also on Ramipril 10mg for high blood pressure. And on Cpap machine for sleep apnoea. I've been unable to work or live my normal life for over a year (I'm a teacher by trade) following a weird 'collapse' which was thought to be neurological - possibly hemiplegic migraines. Never properly recovered, and now this AF has been picked up, which just confuses matters more!

    Nice to meet you all :) x

  • Just a few quick thoughts here. Beta blockers such as bisoprolol are really not recommended for people with AF who have asthma and your EP should know this as it may well cause an attack. Please do ask again and explain that you have been told this and did the nurse explain to the doctor and will he/she take responsibility if you have to be hospitalised. That should wake somebody up.

  • Thanks, Bob!

  • Diltiazem would be a common alternative for rate control that doesnt affect asthma. Was this suggested?

  • Thanks for the reply, Goldfish. No, no other meds were even mentioned. (Other than ruling out flecainide.)

  • Hi,

    I take an Omega 3 high strength fish oil - I also take Warfarin - I have never been told not to. The product I use was recommended by a Nutritionist, not an off the shelf product from a health store or supermarket.

    Indeed, it has no impact of my INR whatsoever which except for the occasional blip, a couple of times a year, stays incredibly in range and often right on target. - its always around 2.4 to 2.7 - my target INR is 2.5.



  • That's really interesting, John - and really good to know! Please would you be able to tell me the particular brand/product your nutritionalist recommended you? Thank you so much

  • Hi. I am on Rivaroxaban and take cod liver oil and evening primrose oil. You have to watch out for Vit K in health products I understand. If you take a multivitamin ask the pharmacist. I have been warned to be careful about turmeric and garlic as supplements. Hope that helps.

  • Thanks, glosfrog! That's helpful to know. My pharmacist wasn't sure about omega 3. The cardioace 'heart support' supplements I was taking before I started on anticoagulants have garlic in, so I'll keep off them! Thanks.

  • I take Rivaroxaban and fish oil capsules , no problems there also with Rivaroxaban there is no interaction with vitamin K so eat all the green veg you like.

    My GP advised with all the AF drugs to drink a lot of water when taking the tablets not just a few sips.

  • Thank you, sleeksheep, that's all very helpful- and good to know! I've been suffering once I was more than a month off the omega 3! I didn't know about the water thing with tabs- but that makes good sense.

  • I take Bisoprolol and have asthma/other allergies which do not seem to be affected but perhaps it's the luck of the draw. It helps blood pressure as well as rate control and control of blood pressure is very important for those suffering AF. No dietary restriction if not on Warfarin for anti coagulant.

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