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An update on yesterday's e mail

An update on yesterday's email.

I first went in to hospital with AF as they had discovered that I had a9 sec pause and needed a pacemaker. Pacemaker fitted and put on amiodarone was admitted on the 16 Nov. Then came out about a week later. Had a flu jab. Went back into hospital with bad AF was put on a digoxin drip . Legs swelled up so had water tables. Feeling really awful all this time. No appetite felt sick and was actually sick . Then had a fall in the shower room bashed head and hip and couldn't get up. Had to shout for help as all bells and strings were out of reach. Had ct scan imeadiately and nothing broken. ( still hurts though ). Developed terrible cough came home and stayed in bed. My son stayed with us over Christmas and they took it in turns to be with us and my daughters.

Then the Dr decided that I was in deep depression and gave me tablets to take. I took one and it made me feel terrible, he also gave me diazepam and I slept for most of the time. After taking four tablets I couldn't face taking anymore. I knew my problem wasn't depresstion just feeling really,really ill. Then on Monday morning I woke with an appetite and felt realitively normal. Wonderful feeling after all this time.

Seeing the specialist on the 26th with a cadioversion a month later if still in AF . The pacemaker seems to have slowed the AF down. Will let you know what happens. Be well. Terry

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Oh you have been having a rotten time! Hopefully things will improve from now on.

Very best wishes.


What a tough time you have had. Hope things are improving ongoing, the sun will shine on you again.


My gosh, what a story! You've certainly been through the mill. Hope you are soon feeling a lot better.



So glad you are on the up again - long may it last. It was cheering to hear from you yesterday. The cardioversion should help too. Do hope you will continue to improve in all directions.

A tale of woe like this makes many of us, I am sure, all feel grateful for just having AF to contend with. It must be wonderful, Terjo, to feel you are making such progress.


Hi Terjo so sorry to hear things havent been going so well hopfully you

are now on the up. Hope things continue to improve for you, keep your chin up. Shirley.


Thank you all you're so right it does make you appreciate the evryday things that we take for granted. Still have no idea what caused the sudden dramatic improvment. being 82 makes me so thankful for getting a new lease of life. Terry


I hope it goes in he right direction from now on for you!


Thank you Offcut keep well. Terry


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