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Ablation booked on Valentines Day!

After cycling through various medications without total success I'm booked in for an ablation with Dr Rowland at the new facility, KIMS, in Kent - on Valentines Day - my wife was not too impressed initially. I have had conflicting information on recovery times so interested in the experiences of others. I'm having the 'freeze' version via balloon.

Also I have been restricted on exercise since taking the various medications and wondered how people have found exercise post ablation?

And yes I'm trying to think of things post ablation rather than the procedure itself :)

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I had a PVI 10 years ago and felt a bit funny / tight-chested for say a week, possibly two? After that I just felt normal (AF completely gone, hooray). My EP said just do whatever you normally do, so I did. My main issue was getting the entry point in my groin to heal over properly first before doing anything that might upset it, like heavy lifting etc.


Thanks, good point about the entry point I had forgotten about that.


Good luck with the ablation. I will be having mine on the 24th. Fingers crossed for both of us.


Good luck. Mine is on Wednesday I.N.R. and available hospital bed permitting. X


Good luck this week hole you get the bed and the procedure goes well


All the best for tomorrow, you will be fine and wonder what all the worry was about. Please let us know how you get on. Bella x


I've not had the freeze version, but two of the radio type. I had sedation only and it was no problem at all, no pain and time flew by.

Bob often says, it's no worse than having a tooth out and that's certainly true for me.

Wish you all the luck possible and will await your news of how it went.



Good luck fellow ablationees, mine is on the 17th February, nervous yes but as drugs have not worked no other option really.

I certainly hope to have the ability to exercise again, any exercise or even a round of golf is followed within 24hrs of going into AF, totally fed up now back to AF every day.

Had two weeks off work with total rest which culminated in 13 days AF free, which I have not had since last September.

However since returning o work last week, mild exercise and a round of golf, AF back to every day since last Friday.

So now, teetotal, no exercise, no caffeine, chocalate, biscuits, cakes etc etc,

Was an extremely fit 54 yr old pre Xmas so for ones sanity really need this Alation to be a success

Who knows maybe even to sneak a bottle of becks to celebrate, that would be wonderful

Good luck everyone.


I empathise - same age same issues! Met someone today who was playing golf 1 week after his there's hope. My EP said that getting back into excercise was a must purely to maintain healthy : had no caffeine or chocolate or any high sugar foods, tended to stick to low or no alcohol beers and found Adair few acceptable ones :). Stress of any sort is the worst for me in terms of triggers, badly impacts sleep even with medication.

Good luck on the 17th compare notes afterwards on the return to excercise


Yes let's do that munsterman post ablation

Often thought about the NA beers, but they get such bad press I have never bothered

What meds you on?


Currently on bisoprolol dronedarone and atorvastatin, previously had sotalol and flecanide but not really worked.

On the beer front try Sainsbury Czech no alcohol, M&S and Morrisons do a similar one, there's also a web site they do mixed cases so you can try some are ok some are well frankly not ok!!


Will give the NA beers ago, thanks, funny how things turn out, always swore blind would never touch NA beer, what was the point, ha, AF is the point now, what a bummer

Dronedarone nor Flecainide never really worked for me, so this Ablation is me at last chance saloon as no drugs seem to work on me.

So are you not on any anti coag ahead of your ablation?


Same here on the drugs front and not on any anti coagulation


no anti coag, I assumed that was a must for an ablation, get so many variants regarding pre and post abaltion was has to be adhered to.


I believe I will have to have anti coagulant injections post the ablation


I recommend taking at least 2 weeks off work and making sure that you rest properly. You will probably feel like going back after a week but if you can take two then please do. Recovery can be a bit of a roller coaster ride.

I rushed back to work after 1st ablation and ended up in hospital for 3 days back in AF.

I am going in on Thursday for 2nd ablation and intend to take 2 weeks to fully recover this time round.

If your ablation is successful I have been told that you should be able to return to your normal exercise regime within a 3 month period.

Good luck.


Thanks that's very helpful advice.

Good luck on Thursday


Hello Munsterman, I had the freeze, balloon procedure on the 15 January in London and am feeling good with no AF, apart from the day after. I would say it took me a week to feel almost normal and I had 2 weeks off work. I did have these strange light displays for 10 days afterwards which are caused by the septum puncture. I have also noticed that I get breathless walking up hills and stairs which I didn't have before so take it easy getting back to exercising. All the best for Saturday. Bella :)


Thanks, sound like your ablation was successful, my take from the feedback is take it easy, be patient and don't rush things

All the things I'm not very good at :)

now where are my box set of 24 series 1 2 3 ....


Hello Bella, you're the first person I have heard of who is suffering breathlessness after an ablation. (my second, unsuccessful one) Hope you get your normal breathing soon as mine has been with me nearly a year.


Good choice, I think that version sounds more logical. Good Luck!


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