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Holter results

I was diagnosed with paroxysmal af about 3 years ago and have managed with a flecainide PIP having about 4 episodes a year, but I have been getting more frogs in the chest recently especially lying on my side. My gp referred me for a holter and the results are 2 episodes of narrow complex tachycardia and one of type 1 second degree heart block. I've got an app to see the cardiologist but am not sure what this means if anything?! I think the narrow complex tachycardia were when I was lying on my side as it woke me up twice.

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Lying on your left side often causes AF, as does low pillows....more pillows positioned correctly sorts both. I have a similar (but not exactly the same) history and was started on Flecainide 50mg twice a day - not enough - but 100mg twice a day stopped it so far (10 months).

Good luck with the cardio, the more info you collect the better.


Thanks, it's funny that I get an increased heart rate which ever side I lie on but it goes back to normal as soon as roll onto my back. I also don't seem to get the same prob if I lie on my side in the day! What I'm not sure about is the tachycardia and heart block, I'm a healthy 55 year old with no heart or blood pressure issues save for the arrhythmia. Is it usual for af to be accompanied by tachycardia/heart block?


Sorry Dan not sure, I'm similar except not the Heart Block and they call it Lone Paroxysmal AF...Lone because they don't know what's causing it!!


I have 1st degree heart block and have read somewhere that this can predispose you to A.F. The only problem the heart block causes is that I can only have a small dose of beta blocker as this also slows down conduction time as does flecanide. If I were to need more beta blocker I would need a pacemaker. I have no other problems with my heart just A.F. but that is certainly enough! Good luck with your appointment. X


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