Zio patch v holter monitor for post ablation monitoring

Does anyone know about the relative pros and cons of these. My EP wants me to wear a Zia (Zio?) patch for 7 days post ablation as I am having some funny rhythms (not AF). BUt the insurance company say they wont pay of this - only for something called a Holter(?) monitor. I don't want to ignore my consultant's advice but on the other hand this whole operation has already cost me a fortune in lost income as I am self employed and I had lots of complication both during and post op.

Any experience or advice or even suggested questions to ask would be much appreciated.

Or any grounds on which I can argue the issue with the insurance company ?

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  • PS to the above - I mean to wear it for 7 day s- I am now 4 weeks after the ablation itself - heart has been fine until the last week when started having ectopics and flutters etc - hence this new suggestion for monitoring

  • Firstly as I am sure you will have been told it is very early days yet. Three to six months is average full healing and lots can happen in that time. Second I have never heard of Zia patch in UK but Holter monitor is very common. This is a small box about the size of a packet of cigarettes with three wires attached. These are then connected to self adhesive patches on you chest to collect data about your heart rate and rhythm There is often an event button which you can press which date lines any events which you may feel.

    I suspect the other devoice is similar

  • Thanks I wasn't aware 3-6 months was average - I was told 4-6 weeks!

  • 4 to 6 weeks just about clears the bruising! So unrealistic it makes me angry that you have been stressed out by such silliness. Some doctors need help I'm sure.

  • I wore a zio patch for 14 days. This was paid for privately by myself. I wore it after my first ablation began to feel like it hadnt worked. It was fantastic. I didnt even feel i had got it on. It records everything and then you also press it if you feel something like A.F. happening. I could even shower with it on. I have also worn a holter monitor in the past but given the choice would ideally opt for the zio patch if I was going to wear it for longer than 48 hours. Unfortunately it isnt offered on the N.H.S.

    I dont know how much it cost me as it was part of a package of private consultations.

    However I will say that I was in A.F. for most of the 2 weeks and certainly didnt need monitoring for that long! X

  • Many thanks- v helpful. I too am worried the ablation hasn't worked so this seems like a good idea to test my assumptions

  • Someone has just suggested using an alivecor monitor instead - I have read about Rhiannon this site but I can't find the place - any links would be helpful. Where does one buy this monitor please

  • I own an alivecor (Kardia) which is attached to my iphone. I bought mine from Amazon a few years ago. They are still widely available from there and will fit most smartphones but you have to make sure you get the right one depending on which phone you have. I highly recommend them as for me it has been absolutely invaluable. However I also wore a holter monitor immediately post ablation as they wanted a 24hr+ trace and it might be that they wish to have a more continuous recording with you too rather than just snapshots each time you're symptomatic? I would check with your cardiologist what they recommend and go with that.

    However from an alivecor point of view, this is an investment for longer term and I personally think everyone should own one given the number of funny arrhythmias that we can suffer from and it's a perfect way of recording an episode wherever you are and then potentially emailing it to our Drs to look at and advise upon if necessary. It has helped me and my cardiologist so much over this past year. I honestly cannot speak more highly of them!

    I hope you get sorted, best wishes and take care,


  • Many thanks - really helpful. Am I right in thinking there is only one version of this device so it will be obvious what to buy?

  • The "electronic unit" is universal as far as I am aware. It is just the integrated holders that clip to the phone that are different (though they only make for a few models).

  • Yes an alivecor is a good idea. I have one now and it is great but at the time I didnt think of it. X

  • My EP also wants me to wear a Zio patch for 2 weeks at the end of 3 months post ablation. Glad to hear that it is easier than the monitors of old. :-)

  • Update - Zio patch very easy to wear - completely forgot it was there - except at shower time when it pays to keep the water off it as much as practicable. It will be interetsing to see what data it provides as I am told its like a permenent ECG whilst it is working. I will report back

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