BP monitoring @ home

I was advised to get a monitor which has arrived this morning but on reading the instruction info it states that the monitor I have (Vivatec Smart Touch Pro-model number-BPM003) "should not be used by people who have severe arrythmia"

Now I'm confused because this machine apparantly registers 'irregular heartbeat symptoms'.

Am I just muddled or is this safe to use....anybody out there reassure me please!!

Blue :-)

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  • The problem is that few home monitors are capable of reading AF and just get confused. There is no danger in using it unless you panic at the odd results. I used to obsess about my BP and became almost OCD about checking all the time so do be aware that this can happen. Now I only ever use it when my GP asks me for a 7 day chart every six months.


  • hi Bob,

    thanks for responding. Am very aware of the possibility of becoming a bit ott with readings, you're right with that but am determined to just keep an eye on it and NOT become attached too much!! Have a good day!

    Blue :-)

  • Hi Blue

    Is it safe, I would hazard almost certainly, but will it record your BP accurately not so sure, None of the home machines are perfectly accurate when you are in AF, they all say not recommended if in AF I am fairly sure.

    I rang one of the manufacturers (Omron) and they said "no guarantees" for any of their machines.

    However I have used one, and if you set it to record 3 times and take an average then it appears to be reasonably accurate for BP, pulse less so however

    Be well


  • Thanks Ian. My doctor said to buy a home one as the readings would be better as we are all a bit stressed in the surgery, apparantly! It wasn't a cheap purchase and that was at half price so I thought I was getting a decent machine. Lordy, all this stress this morning....I'm not so bothered about the pulse bit as I can do that anyway but the bp is a bit of a problem lately, it just will not behave!! Thanks for taking the time to respond. Have a good day and stay well!!

    Blue :-)

  • The one I bought from Lloyds Pharmacy for about £10 works fine when I use it.


  • Thanks for your comment Bob. I thought i was doing good by getting this one that also does the 'irregular heartbeat' reading!! So confusing but will get there. :-)

  • I bought a cheap BP home monitor (Lloyds/Boots) years ago and it works fine. I have to be careful to rest my arm at the correct height, then it tends to agree with what I get at the surgery. I've got a heart rate monitor which gives completely incorrect results when I was in AF. If you didn't know it was a load of rubbish it could scare the life out of you. Luckily the reading was so ridiculous compared to how I felt, it was easy to ignore.


  • thanks for your reply. I take it onboard and once i'm brave enough to use this machine, i won't panic at the reading!! :-)

  • I chuckled when I read your comment, Koll. The exercise bikes at our gym are elderly (being updated tomorrow....yippee!) and quite often they show my BPM at 200 (when it's between 90-120) and then plummeting to zero, which causes much amusement amongst my friends! Thank god I'm not the nervous type!

  • I bought a BP monitor in early December. My consultant said to ensure I bought a cuff one approved by the British Hypertension Society. When looking in to it I found that NICE have approved one monitor (with a few model variants). One of those It is a Microlife WatchBP and I selected the "A" model which shows if AF is present each time and obviously is for people with AFib. Works brilliantly. Also you can download to the computer (but there is one drawback / fallacy in the data results for which I will be contacting the manufacturer) - contact me if you want to know more. I bought it through a popular website (not the manufacturer's) and by doing that I did not have to pay VAT which obviously is 20%. It was very little more than some "general wrist monitors on the high street. Obviously anyone needs to decide for themselves if this BP monitor is suitable for themselves.

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