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BP monitor & ContecMP10 Portable ECG monitor



Has anyone any experience of using a BP monitor called WatchBP-HOME S with AFIB detection? If so how accurate is it. I have a contec MP10 portable ECG monitor but while it records Bradycardia, VPB, tachycardia and says No abnormal it does not seem to specifically let you know if you are in PAF or AF.

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I have a WatchBP A which is similar, works really well, and detects my AFib reliably.

All the best


Renault4 in reply to Yachtsman

many thanks for that.Its really helpful.


My wife has been using it since December when she was finally tagged as suffering from paroxymal AF.

Generally we've found it very good but it's only as good as the algorithms its programmed with so there have been a couple of occasions where it has said wife is not in AF when she clearly felt she was.

It's NICE approved so helps prove to surgery the number and duration of PAF episodes so they can no longer claim it's in the mind or panic attacks.

Hope this helps.

Renault4 in reply to DevonHubby1

Thank you.

Only an ECG such as the Kardia will diagnose AF. And AF is AF whether or not it is Paroxysmal (PAF which comes and goes) or Persitent/Permanent - you are in constant AF.

All a BP monitor will do is indicate your pulse is irregular, fast or slow.

Renault4 in reply to CDreamer

So perhaps the contecPM10 will suffice?

Renault4 in reply to CDreamer

Surely Afib and PAF are arrhythmia, so a monitor that picks this up rather than an ordinary BP monitor not one set up to pick up irregularities would be helpful and equally as useful, though admittedly not as thorough as a kardia or full ECG monitor?

CDreamer in reply to Renault4

Exactly - it will pick up an arrythmia - it won’t diagnose which type of arrythmia it is - which the Kardia will do.

Renault4 in reply to CDreamer

Thanks again for your response.I am pretty new to this business and I gather, that as you imply ,there are many types of arrhythmias.

I am using the print outs from my contec PM10 monitor to give my GP some idea of the state of my heart.

I have been using one for years and it always indicates I am in AF. Have a look at watchbp.com and ask questions from the company.

Thank you so much for your helpful response.

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