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Home blood pressure monitor recommendations

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Looking to upgrade my old BP monitor as proving to be less reliable these days. What can people recommend as a good home bp monitor please? Thanks very much

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Diddyd in reply to CDreamer

Was looking at these. Too many to choose from! Arm cuff or wrist band better?

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CDreamer in reply to Diddyd

Arm cuff is more accurate, supposedly.

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belindalore in reply to CDreamer

I was told arm cuff is less accurate. Noticed that my Drs have gone back to the manually inflating cuff and using the stethoscope.

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Diddyd in reply to belindalore

I have noticed that as well!

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queseyo in reply to belindalore

My GP also does... At home, I use Omron standard which detects BP and HB irregularities...just as a guide only.

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belindalore in reply to queseyo

Seems most people here like the Omron. I'll have to check it out. Take care.

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Billblue in reply to Diddyd

I’ve purchased the Omron X3 Comfort expandable arm cuff and gives a average of 3 readings

I’ve had Lloyds pharmacy ones and readings have been same as ambulance and surgery so think quite reliable

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Diddyd in reply to rosyG

Thanks. Which did you use arm cuff or wristband?

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rosyG in reply to Diddyd

The arm cuff I don’t think the wrist one is thought to be very good

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Diddyd in reply to rosyG


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pascaltaskin in reply to Diddyd

Another satisfied Lloyds Pharmacy user here. Its memory feature is quite useful in getting an idea of the trend (unless, like me, yours is all over the place!)

Hello, I was thinking about the same. Currently looking into the OMRON Complete. A new system with incorporated single lead ECG. It has been developed as a cooperation with AliveCor. A bit on the high end, about 200$ but let's see.



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Diddyd in reply to JohnEagel

I already have the AliveCor Kardia which is really good. So if you don’t have one of those worth having for sure.

May I ask why you wish to monitor your blood pressure Diddyd?I'm certainly not questioning the wisdom, I'm just curious about all the monitoring devices used and discussed by forum members. Maybe I should be monitoring my various levels and have missed the reasons for doing so!

What would you do if you found it to be at a certain reading? What reading would that be?

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Diddyd in reply to Mugsy15

Hi I have been asked to do so by my consultant and cardiac nurses. If there are deviations from my norm then I contact the nurses who advise me what to do or would arrange an appointment in clinic.

I am having to monitor various things due to heart failure so a lot of things and symptoms can change within a day or so .

To be honest, I am a data freak anyway so like to see trends in my own health. Don’t worry, I am not obsessive but just collate over time. It’s the Scientist in me.

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Mugsy15 in reply to Diddyd

All makes perfect sense, thank you

If you have afib, then I gather from research that an "old fashioned" hand pump monitor has been shown to be the most accurate. If an automatic monitor works for you, then these are far more convenient. I have been lucky to be sent quite a few free of charge for review over the past couple of years. For value, a "basic" Omron wrist monitor can't be beaten in my view. I got a friend one as a "Warehouse Return" from Amazon the other week for just over £20.00. It works perfectly and easily. Wrist monitors are now as accurate as upper arm ones, too.

If you prefer an upper arm monitor, then the Omron Evolv is pricey but very easy to use and has a smart phone app to log your measurements. The app is excellent and easy to use and links to the Apple health app, too. Those from Braun and Withings are also excellent, although the Braun wrist monitor was not so good on my large wrist.

Do you need a pricey one? No, not at all: the Boots lowest price model came out the most accurate in a Which test a while back.


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Diddyd in reply to Ppiman

Thanks for your very comprehensive answer. I did like the look of the Omron Evolv 😊 but I do have a big upper arm and have to have the large cuff in hospital so wondered if the cuff was not going to give enough overlap once on.

However, looks are not everything and I certainly will check out the ones you have mentioned.

Thank you

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Ppiman in reply to Diddyd

Boots are a good pace to buy from. I'd try a wrist one and unpack it carefully with a view to returning it if need be. If you have large biceps, then the Evolv might not fit.


I have an OMRON X7, very good, takes the best of 3 readings.

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Diddyd in reply to LaceyLady

Thanks very much.

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Ppiman in reply to Diddyd

That's good advice. Apparently "white coat syndrome" increases the initial reading even when done at home. A recent "first reading" for me was 145 / 90 which took me by surprise, but two readings later, with a minute or so between each, and I was down to a more respectable 115/65! ;-)


Omron X7 Smart Home Blood Pressure Monitor with AFib Detection amazon.co.uk/dp/B07Z9LRZPN/...

We bought a Braun ExactFit 5 Connect which also shows arrhythmia.It is very good and stores readings from 2 users.

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Diddyd in reply to andyk0001

Another one to check out. Thankyou


Hello Diddyd. Definitely Omron, just checked my app & it says M7 Intelli IT - has been checked against local GP surgery a couple of times & is spot on. It downloads to Smartphones via the app, brilliant bit of kit & reasonably priced I think.


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Diddyd in reply to Shrek1974

Great. Looks like I’m being busy today checking all these great recommendations. Thanks very much

I found that the Omron M3 was best suited to my needs, and Omron has the best reputation. Here in the UK, the cheapest source I could find was Lloyds Pharmacy. Sent mail order for reasonable money.

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Diddyd in reply to momist

Great to know where to buy cheapest as well. Thanks

Omron takes your BP and tells you if your heartbeat is irregular

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Tartopom in reply to fairgo45

Size of arm cuff is important. I was given a fright many years ago when the nurse appointed by a life assurance company to give me a brief medical tested my blood pressure which produced three consecutive results so alarmingly high that she advised me to see my doc the next day. I did so and the surgery nurse took my blood pressure which proved to be normal. Her diagnosis of the discrepancy was that the cuff used by the assurance company nurse was too small......

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Diddyd in reply to Tartopom

Wow! That’s something to bear in mind. Very useful. Thankyou

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Ppiman in reply to Tartopom

On modern BPMs, I gather, they will fail to read if the cuff isn't working properly. I find three readings is still the way to go, which was recommended to me by a cardiologist.


That sounds awful I can only say the omron machine I use throws up error messages if the cuff is not on correctly I'm quite small but my husband is bigger and has no trouble using it also I took mine to my GP to calibrate it with hers and that was also an Omron

Omron Complete Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG; Measure Bp, EKG, Afib, Tachycardia, Bradycardia & Sinus Rhythm; Built-In Bluetooth Technology....$163.99 @ Amazon

I recently purchased this one. It's made by Ormon which was recommended by others here. Good price and able to record the last 60 readings


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