Improvement!!! :)

I don't wish to jump the gun but this last few days, I have felt better than I have done in almost 2 years. I am lying flat in bed and my heart is staying settled, I am waking up in a normal sinus rhtyhm and I am out walking every evening for half an hour without any problems..just sheer enjoyment:) i just wanted to post this on the forum as it is understandably hard for anyone without arrythmias to fully appreciate the feeling of inner joy and celebration when in a sustained and normal rhtyhm. I even spring cleaned my house yesterday and hoovered from top to bottom and felt totally energised after it. This has really given me so much hope as I truly started to think that I would have to learn to accept a lifelong feeling of uncomfortable quivery heart at best, with only short bursts of NSR every day and full blown SVT and AF at worst. LOVING LIFE!!!!! thank you everybody for the support and words of encouragement and hope in those negative moments...this forum is such an amazing place of support.

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  • So happy to hear your wonderful news!!

  • Thank you so much!!!!

  • What wonderful news sooooo pleased for you. I completely understand your feeling of sheer joy. What have you undergone treatment wise to bring about this turnaround.

    Happy life and thanks for sharing.


  • I can sense you understand this feeling..thank you so much Dee. I almost feel euphoric. i am on disopyramide and it has been titrated gradually over the last 2 months..i am now on 500mg and have been on this dose for just over 2 weeks so I am guessing this is what has helped.

  • Vony - that is such good news! Enjoy getting your life back - I'm so pleased for you.

    Best wishes

  • Hi Vony - It's so good to hear how well you are feeling. I'm guessing it's as a result of the ablation you had. I know that feeling when you suddenly have energy again - such a joy! Long may it continue.


  • Hi, I do know that feeling I had it for about a month after my ablation, it

    didnt last, but I sincerely hope yours does. Your description brought

    it all back to me, I found it hard to describe the feeling of elation when you

    cannot feel anything in fact I described it has 'something missing'. My

    fingers are crossed for you Good Luck.

  • So nice, Vony, to hear of someone finding themselves in sunshine again after dull days!

  • What lovely news hope it happens to me soon. Good luck. Terry

  • Hi Vony ... so pleased you are feeling so well. I can understand totally as I am feeling the same, better than I have felt for years . Guess what ?..... I am also on Disopyramide !! I was put on this drug middle of last year , had a couple of blips , dose increased to 150mg x 3 daily & feel really good. It is not often prescribed these days - it has been around for quite a while - but my EP tells me that it often works well for AF of vagal origin.

    I was actually on this drug from 1996 - 2008 & coped pretty well with only about 4 electrical cardioversions during that time. Unfortunately Disopyramide then became unavailable in the UK & my AF then kicked off in a big way. Won't bore you with all the details but have since had 3 ablations, numerous DCCV's & some pretty scary times.

    Hope I have not spoken too soon!!

    Best Wishes


  • Fantastic news, I am so pleased you are feeling well, long may it continue. ????

  • Great news Vony, know how you feel. I'm also on Disopyramide and feel just normal. I was in a right state before, felt like I was over 90 and I'm only 64.


  • What spectacular news! Enjoy!

  • Dear Vony, great to hear you are feeling so well and energised.

  • Fantastic! really pleased for you

  • Fantastic news Vony, I have been lucky I have only had one bout of AF I November, and am just beginning to feel normal. Good luck, I wish you a long and happy AF free time. X x

  • So pleased for you, completely agree about the sense of joy and relief. Just if you are still recovering from ablation please go very slowly, I didn't and was back in the cath lab a couple of months later so speak from experience,

    Long may you joy last,

  • Happy for you......keep well....Patricia

  • So glad you are well now. It's a lovely feeling not to have to worry about doing anything that may set things off isn't it. Take care, Jackie.

  • That's fantastic , I'm just starting on this rocky road , but it's good to hear there maybe light at the end of the tunnel x

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