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Hi Folks, hope you have room for the newest addition to the AF family. Have just been diagnosed via an ECG and as this is my first venture at posting (anything) I feel a bit nervous. Emotions running high from sickening at the thought of having an unstable Heart, to worry anxiety and depression at the very thought. Mabey at 73 I should be feeling grateful. However I look forward to contributing to our wonderful forum and posting my progress (or demise). Regards

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  • Welcome Maureen,

    I'm relatively new myself Diagnosed just before Christmas

    There are wonderful people on this site and they will in time put your mind at rest.

    Everyone feels the same in the beginning

    Take care


  • Feeling better already, thanks for you nice welcome.

  • Welcome Maureen to the club you wished you wouldn't have to join. Anxiety and AF are common bedfellows but knowledge is power to allay fear so go to AF Association main website and read till you drop. Ask questions here and we will try to help as well. Many here are old hands, some are "cured" and some like you are early in their AF journey but we all understand how you feel .


  • Welcome agree with Bob

  • Welcome to the club! Just because your heart is 'unstable' doesn't mean it is unhealthy. Some extremely fit young people have AF. For some of us anxiety can cause more issues than the AF so keep talking, keep asking questions and keep positive.

  • Hi Maureen and welcome. Anxiety and worry are two close bedfellows of AF for all of us at diagnosis - and sometimes beyond. The trick is to find a way of kicking them out of bed to go elsewhere!!

    Knowledge, a proper diagnosis and treatment from a cardiologist you trust and believe in are the best tools in putting AF into the background of your life. I think, for me three years ago, diagnosis was the absolute lowest point of my life at 69 but we do learn to cope and live fairly normal lives and you will too.

    My lovely cardiologist told me and I quote: 'of course you're worried, it's your heart and you only have the one, but it won't kill you - honest to God'. (I have PAF which was very symptomatic and distressing).

    I hope you find this forum as helpful as I have and do keep posting.

  • Welcome, Maureen. I don't post anything anywhere else, mainly because I spend too much time with my friends here, and it was a new venture to me three years ago when I was very down. Life was ruled by pills and it seemed as if old age had suddenly descended on me prematurely.

    This is a wonderful resource which uplifts and educates and we have some laughs along the way. I do hope posting your demise was said with tongue in cheek.

    Yes, an unstable heart is alarming at first but AF is an electrical fault and I find it less worrying now that plenty of experience has provided confidence. Lots of forum members don't let it stand in the way of enjoyment of life, although it is a condition that varies hugely from person to person.

    I'm very grateful to be as I am at 70 and although I have AF it doesn't have a big negative impact any more. Quite the reverse, in fact.

  • This is the first time someone has promised to come back from the dead to post! Seriously, if you belonged to the British Lung Foundation forum as I do, you would a) be thankful you only have AF and b) be quite depressed by the frequent reports of dead or dying members sent by others. I am not playing down how scary heart arrhythmias of all sorts are but as an ongoing condition it is possible for many people, after a while, to experience AF mainly as a nuisance. I have had PAF diagnosed for 16 years and I'm your age now and pretty well.

  • Welcome Maureen. I am 73 in April and was diagnosed in December. The people on here are fantastic . If I am worried about anything connected to AF if I put it on here I get some really good information. Everyone is so helpful and this has made me feel so much better. Sorry you have AF. Good luck Kate.

  • Welcome to the AF family Maureen, you are in a safe place here. All in the same boat and at various stages in our journey but here to support each other.

    You have come to the right place, ask away.

  • Hello Maureen you have come to the right place the people on here are amazing and if they can help they will. there is also a search box top right had side that will bring up previous posts on certain questions for example if you type in pulse it will give you some information I found it very helpful in the early days and still do.

  • Welcome to our forum Maureen.

    Yes, we all totally understand AF and know how scary it can be at times. Unless you are feeling faint or have pain you should be ok to sit out an attack. Don't forget there's always the 111 number to ring and ask for advice if you are concerned and your GP's surgery is closed, please never be afraid to call for advice. Fire away on here with any questions you may have, but bear in mind that none of us are medically trained and can only speak from our experiences.

    Wishing you well.


  • Thanks guys it's so nice to have so many lovely people welcome me with lots of advice and positive comments. I look forward to making a contribution and asking questions as my confidence developed. It's reassuring to know that lots of you have been there and can point newly diagnosed in the right direction. Kind regards Mo

  • Don't be scared. Just ask lots of questions and you will be fine!!😃😃 Hugs xxx

  • Hi Maureen; people here are great and have been through an assortment of ills - not just AF - so they can talk from experience, and you'll find that AF affects people in different ways. We are always here to chat so come back and post at any time.


  • Hello Maureen46, I do so understand the anxiety and worry. Like you I am in my seventies, diagnose 18 mths ago But really, once the anxiety of your diagnosis passes, it really will be business as usual. Wonderful folk on this site and you are far from alone, share your fears, there is always someone who will totally empathise with where you are at present. Good luck!

  • Welcome, Maureen :) I'd just like to echo everything said. You're among friends here - in fact recently, Vony called us her 'AF family', and that's just how it feels to many of us. I'm very grateful for the wisdom and support from people who really understand the kind of feelings (physical and emotional) I'm experiencing, and I'm sure it will be the same for you.

    Welcome :)

  • Hi Maureen I joined about a month ago.I was diagnosed with PAF back in 1997 but only just found this forum it has already helped me understand more about AF than than in all the years I have had it.A great site for help and support with a laugh and smile thrown in ,keep reading and asking questions and life will get less stressful as you learn more. Welcome and good luck.

  • we are all here for you.your loving middle daughter :) x

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