It's a lovely feeling

As many know on here I've had an awful af journey. Going from episodes last couple hours to permanent and very unwell with it in just under 3 year. Well in July after a 3 week spell in hospital finally had my ablation. All went well until 3 weeks later and it started again. In August after being back in hospital my ep decided to put me on deronadrone rather than do an ablate and pace (then I'd solely be reliant on pacemaker) and what a difference it's made.

I've gone from not being able to walk even to my loo without palpitations, breathlessness and feeling faint to actually being able to go Christmas shopping for couple hours. I'm still feeling the odd niggle every so often but just not jumping into an episode is heaven. Whether it's the deronadrone and everything changes once I come off it in January but hopefully it's a successful ablation and I'll feel like this for a while. I'm still taking all my meds as I've other heart issues and need to take them but I'm feeling more myself than I ever have.

Just wanted to let the newbies know there is hope on this af journey even if you think there's not. Take it from me. I've had some fab support on here and know if it starts up again where to come to vent or get support.

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  • Great to hear this. When you've been through a low patch, everything feels all the sweeter when you're on the up again.

  • I know there a chance it can come back and I've still got few heart problems but this few month of no af has been the best in years.

  • I guess you mean Dronedarone (Multaq) which is great. It is a relatively new drug and was hoped to be the answer to a lot of prayers but fell out of popularity due to some complications in some patients. Make sure that you have regular blood tests for liver function now you are on it please.

  • I've been having regular tests and up to now everything ok thanks Bob

  • Great news. and just before Crimble too!!......long may it continue....have a great Christmas Julesp

  • Lovely to hear that things have turned around for you after so long, I hope you'll continue to feel well enough to do all the things you've had to put off and you'll have a great Christmas.

    All the best, Kate

  • Thanks everyone. Last year my Christmas was spent mostly in bed with my af. This year I'm hoping to last all of Christmas Day and go out with friends Boxing Day something I couldn't do halfway through the year. I know my meds lower my heart rate and I'll be tired but just being able to join in properly is a blessing. If nothing changes and I'm not on the site again before the festivities begin hope everyone has a good Christmas x

  • Such good news. Have a great Christmas. X

  • It must be the best Christmas present you could have wanted. Enjoy the new freedom you are having

    Take care, have a happy xmas.


  • Have a lovely Christmas lots of good health for 2017 xx

  • Just want to join others to say its great to read your good news

    Stay well (to pinch a phrase) and enjoy Christmas

    good luck

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