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Update, so much happening

i saw EP and he wants to wait for muscle biopsy results first, still waiting for this. ENT referred me back to Nuero also recommending muscle biopsy as MRI of ear clear. Bisoprol seems to be fine after changing from Sotolal . Heamotoligist is organising a referral to Guy & St Thomas as he thinks it is all due to a connective tissue disease ( which includes the AF) also 2 members of my family who are showing milder symptoms are going to have the new Genetic test that was on the news a couple of months ago along with me, we are going to Manchester for this.

I am hoping for all results to be in by the end of the year, although I have not been feeling to good recently.

Changed Ramipril to losartan potassium, hopefully will be better on this. Taking 50mg.

I hope you are all making headway,


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good to hear they are on the case! Your new meds sound promising . take care and let is know results


It's interesting to follow your progress, poppyseed. It sounds like they are making progress both with your treatment and with the research your family condition is helping with.

Sorry you have not been feeling so good. I take losartan potassium too, but I take 100mg. I changed to it from lisinopril and feel improved. Hope it works for you too. All the best!

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