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Ablation is done update 25 dec

Merry Christmas to all I did an update yesterday but it comes as a reply rather than a post . Anyway for years I used to awake and the sequence of runaway thoughts and palpatations Greeted me and that Negative sinking feeling of Fear and Frustration set itself in for the day TODAY IS DIFFERENT !!! All that horribleness is nowhere to be found and if it stays like this it is true that my life can begin again.Today is a good day. Remember that whatever your present situation it can all change . Change in a day 'Even after the worst storm - The Sun will always rise ' much love Michael

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Wonderful. I'm so pleased for you.What a Christmas present. It's truly amazing to be free of symptoms.

Don't worry when you get a few "funnies" it happened to me for months ,but it's only the heart settling down.




Hello Feejbee yes I have had a few 'Funnies' as you put and it is not considered as unusual after this type of procedure . :-)) thanks for your post


What a lovely post. Thank God for all the wonderful doctors doing this and many other procedures and operations. Have a lovely day.x


Brilliant Michael. Much like me, my heart was constantly there thudding, palping, whatever. After the ablation didn't know I had a heart at all. Just total peace and it was wonderful.

Happy Christmas

Koll :-) ;-)


Great news! Happy Christmas!


So good to read posts like this. Your on the road to better health. Awesome


Really pleased for you. Hope it all continues and have a great 2015


Good news Well done!!


Good to hear how positive you now feel. What a way to start a new year. All the best!


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