Ablation update. Day 18

Good morning from Norfolk. UK. Hope all are well. Well 18 days after the Ablation and things are settling down. There have been a few palps here and there however I am told that the Procedure is followed by what they call a ' blanking Period' which is the time of around 3 months to allow the Heart to settle down. The next step is a check up appointment with the Operating Specialist who did the Procedure. I will be attending at the end of March. I definetley feel in a better position than previous, however I find the Psychological aspect is a currently peculiar i.e as I for years almost had a script like negative chain of feelings, worry and thoughts daily it seems that they were ' the norm ' and now I have to be confident to have a new way of thinking as I am still waking up in the morning 'expecting ' the old stuff . Anyway I am 18 days in and growing stronger daily both physically and mentally. I am taking it relatively easy but do enough to earn a few quid. Thanks for advice to all on this forum. Remember, whatever position you are in today can always change for the better tommorow. Cheers Michael xx

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  • I'm very glad you are doing so well Michael, and best of luck to you. It's always good to have good news...


  • Thanks eats :-))

  • Good news Michael nice positive start to the day.

  • Thanks soul

  • I hope you continue in your present upwards trajectory Michael.

  • Thanks David

  • Hi Michael, that sounds like a positive start to the new year, long may it continue, John

  • Cheers John , have a nice weekend

  • So pleased for you. I agree it is hard to change your mind set. I am still waiting for my first ablation and have already decided I will have to have two! I am however a cup half empty sort of person. It is a good job my husband's cup is always half full or we would be a pair of miserable old ####. Have a good day.x

  • Hi Mickey, glad things are improving for you. Did you have the new 2 Stage Hybrid Ablation or the normal Ablation. Keen to know as I had Stage 1 of the Hybrid Ablation on 9 December where the outside of the heart is ablated by a cardio thoracic surgeon. I am due to have the inside Ablation in about another 4 weeks by the E P Surgeon. I have to say that at this time I feel worse than I did before stage 1 and my body is just beginning to heal and the bruising almost gone. I am still in AF but they tell me to be patient and things won't improve until I've had Stage 2.

  • Sorry for late response , I had the PVI Isolation all is not settled yet.I am not up to speed on the hybrid one , it must be quite soon for your next procedure let's hope it all goes well lastec :-)

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