Update of ablation in Mid Dec

Hi all - had a bit of a different xmas experience this year. On Christmas Eve lunch time phoned Dr and told to go straight to A&E - diagnosed with palpitations, tachycardia and bradycardia events. Bit of a mish mash really. Discharged last night so hopefully on the road to recovery now. Feeling better than I was and very happy to be home. Poor husband is shattered. Hope New Year gets off to a better start for us all. :))

Very best wishes to all for 2015.


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  • Hi,hope you continue to feel well and they have sorted the problem, and here I am moaning because I have had a heavy cold. Best wishes for 2015. Kath

  • That's like me Mickey. Christmas Eve 2003, mid afternoon, my AF floored me. Ended up in A&E, then straight to the coronary ward where I was stuck for 8 days, mainly because everyone was on holiday! I am 100% sure it was the (good) stress of Christmas that brought it on.

    Hope things are getting better :-)


  • Thank you Koll, being in hospital at any time is not brill - think its more of a stress for the rest of your family though cos it sort of shouldn't happen at special times should it?.... Taking things very quiet for the next few days and hopefully my glitch is over now.

    All the best to you to for 2015.


  • Hosted a new years eve party. Fab friends and we all had a great time BUT all night I could tell that my heart was trying to go into A.F. I managed to keep it at bay by taking an extra small dose of flecanide but at 12.30 the A.F. won the battle and I spent the rest of the night with it. It sure knows how to spoil a good time. X

  • Hope you are feeling better dedeottie. We had better just both take things steady - listening to my christmas songs now... X

  • Hope you are feeling better too. What a palaver eh. X

  • Oh thank you... I was trying to keep it in.....

    22nd, 8 hours of AFib intense, whilst developing what I thought was a gastro flu, and ended up in emergency for acute abcsessed diverticulitis. Three days buckets of IV antibiotics.... went home, as I stepped out of the hospital- AFib. Went back asked the nurse if I could take my AFib meds, YES, so I popped my pills -all stopped, and then was told at the pharamacy that Flecainide is contraindicated.

    Dr changes prescription, go home, make it through Christmas, send my son off to Paris (our planned christmas present for us both) and I settle in to rest.

    At about 4:30 in the afternoon, AFib kicks in until 9:30 the next morning - 160-250 for 17 hours.

    Whining over - and here I promised I would take down the whine page.... ;-)

    I am so sorry to hear that you folks were suffering as well, but thanks for letting me get that off my chest!

  • What an awful time you have had Iris and this after three ablations. How do you manage such high heart rates at home? I know you mentioned hydration previously.

    Hope everything has settled now.


  • Practice! Wish it was the piano or violin or something more interesting!

    Slow moving, I catch up on my accounting for my business, keep drinking, shower and wash my hair, charge my phone and ipad, so if I have to go to A&E I have everything I need to prepare for the next day with clients. In four years of afib I've only gone to emergency three times and that was simply to get an ECG printout for a new cardio!

    When I am finally tired, I go to bed and meditate, on a good night I can fall asleep now, though it bites me and wakes me up one sleep cycle later.

    I also start with 1g of Magnesium glycerophosphate and 2 teaspoons of Baobab powder (potassium), I don't eat anymore once I am sure I am in for a long haul so if I needed to get a DC cardioversion I could. I am still on Xarelto.

  • What a way to spend Christmas, you have my sympathy - I get everything on the big days - had appendicitis in my 20s on Derby day, and my AF started on the day of the Royal wedding. I still haven't seen the blooming event right through and I never did find out who won the Derby that year! I hope your new year brings you a lot better health :)


  • Thanks Eatsalottie - feeling a lot better than I was - best wishes for 2015!

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