When is it the best time of day to start apixaban

Hello All,

When is the best time of the day to start the course of Apixaban. Is it better in the morning or late in the evening say 10 pm. That means 12 hours later it is 10 am . I cannot find any advice on the do's and donts sheet with the tablets and the GP never mentioned it and I forgot to ask. Is there anyone out there that can advise me with regard to the best selected time .

(I have to juggle this new tablet with a lot of others). Thank you B.

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  • I take my apixaban at 9 am and 9pm - no side effects. I think as long as you take it around the same time each day then you will be fine. Good luck....Patricia.

  • Anytime you like, but you must take one every 12 hours and you need to be as close to that as possible. With warfarin, which takes an age to alter your INR either up and down, one is able to be very flexible about timings. Not so with the NOACs. Like gemini, I too take mine at 9 and 9 but if a different 12-hour multiple suits you better, then go for it.

  • The best time to start? As soon as possible - it can't protect you against stroke until you take it....

  • Hello blackbear, I have been on apixaban 1 year. Like you I had no help whatsoever. I take mine at 8am and 7pm. Always after food and with a glass of water. Just had blood test, all ok. My inr was 1.9, doc said this was ok. Any more questions let me know, and good luck.

  • I take mine at 8am and 8pm- important to get 12 hourly as mentioned already

    Wonder why they did your INR Waterlady as it's not accurate/relevant with apixaban which works differently

  • Hi rosyg, I asked after 1 year on apixaban, having had no previous checks whatsoever. My blood test covered a whole range of things. I know what you are saying, I just wanted to know what all my readings were.

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