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2 weeks down and looking good

Two weeks post cryoablation and all seems to be going to plan. In the two years prior to developing AF my heart rate dropped from a resting pulse of around 65 to the low 50s and low 40s when sleeping. Now its back up 65-70 which is pretty much where it was when I was in my 30s. Also, I used to suffer from ectopics as soon as I started any exercise, not necessarily developing into AF but it meant that I had to stop for a few seconds to let my heart catch up. All that seems to be gone which is great! If the heart rate and ectopics are symptomatic of eventually developing AF I can trace symptoms back for at least 10 years.

My post op letter from Prof Schilling said that my inter-atrial septum was 'thin and intact and quite floppy’. Not sure if that’s good or bad. All four veins were isolated but the most significant was the left upper which had quite a lot of ectopic activity within it.

Done a fair bit of walking and some easy stuff down the climbing wall last night. Long may it continue.

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Marvellous news. Did you choose cryoablation or did your particular AF ablation require it rather than RF approach. Hope you are one of Prof Schillings patients who can be counted a success story as the one featured in the Daily Mail health section yesterday which he undertook.



great news about the cryoablation, its good to hear positive news. I had a catheter ablation which didnt work, now having a cardioversion next week. Im 43 and have a low heart rate. how did the doctor decide on cryoablation as opposed to catheter ablation?


Hi Stuart. He just said that he would use cryo and when I thought about it afterwards it made sense because (as others have mentioned on here), you are more likely to get a complete burn around the vein entry with cryo but, it's not suitable for more complex arrhythmia. I think I'm right in saying that Prof. Schilling invented, or was one of the first to use cryo so he has lots of experience and practice which counts for a lot in terms of success rate

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Great to see your making good progress and all is well. Interesting to hear about your resting pulse as I am the opposite to you with a low 40s rpr. I always set off bedside alarms and set the nurses off in a panic with my visits to hospital!


Good news for you mate. Like yourself, my PAF is exercise induced, and booked in for SVT ablation in new year, I have the option of cyroablation if I like, but currently considering the risks.

All the best


Thanks Rich, from what I understand cryoablation has slightly less risk. Easy for me to say now but I would do it again tomorrow if I needed to and I've heard a lot of other people say the same on this forum. Yes there are risks but probably similar or less than any other procedure. No concellation if it goes wrong of course but nothing is 100%.


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