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Post ablation

I had svt had two ablations and my ep assured me that nothing else is wrong with my heart but he recommended I don't drink caffeine I think there still must be something wrong ? Right? Cause the other day I had to go to the ER cause my heart was going 180 BPM but didn't go higher or stay there they said first it was sinus tachycardia THEN I had a doctor say it was svt ugh I'm so confused if you know anything about this or have a similar scenario please share .

Thx love lulu

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I have stopped caffeine too and find AF is not so vigorous so he probably is being cautious. I don't know how long it is since your ablation but I gather from people on the forum you can still have these sort of heart rates etc for some time.Don't worry too much- if your heart is fine that's the main thing!


Thank you Rosyg ! I agree no more caffeine! And your right my heart is fine I shouldn't worry anymore


Oh Lulu you poor girl. Yes it is frightening when your heart is racing like that. I've also given up Coffee hard at first but used to it now. What Meds are you on ??? I'm on Flecainide 50 mga plus 25 mga of Metatropolol its all good now. Just try not to worry, I put it out of my head now & get on with life. I'm an Ambulance Officer, two days ago I took a guy to Hospital who had AF plus a Pacemaker. He was very relieved to know that I also had it. Gave him lots of tips on the condition, he was very relieved. His ECG was going nuts, I can relate to that. Stay strong you will work through it, acceptance is the hardest.

Doing my house work is tiring so now I have a cleaner. I've had to make changes.

Chat any time.

Rob xx thinking of you.


After my little episode on Saturday they put me on a calcium channel blocker I haven't picked it up yet but I will . and exactly I need to do that Idefinitely think about it WAY too much and get depressed I know svt is not too dangerous but it definitely is scary !! But after that DEFINITELY NO MORE caffeine I can't I do amazing when I'm off it and struggle when I take it :(



I've had fast heart rates (up to 170 bpm) since my ablation 2 weeks ago, my EP said to expect this during recovery (up to 3 months) and more so in the first month. I had a cheeky small glass of Prosecco last week and set off a 3 hour episode! So I'm not sure if super sensitive to triggers whilst healing (hope it's not permanent). Has coffee/caffeine been a trigger for you before? Anyways don't think it's anything to overly worried about.



Happy JO that's what I'm thinking my ep said NO caffeine or alcohol but I have a follow up in 6months so maybe then after our hearts heal we can try the caffeine But Jo I haven't had ANY episode till I drink caffeine so its my fault lol


Caffeine is a stimulant so it will defiantly speed the heart rate up, I gave it up years ago cause I drank 6 red bulls a, but to be honest I still got af anyway, touch wood since my ablation last Tuesday I've had no episodes. I would recommend staying off caffeine, eventually you'll not need it....allow walking by coffee shops smell good... De-caff???


Yeah I know I'm giving it up! I can't enjoy it anyways ! I get antzy the first day I drink it then get an episode the next day ! Its annoying i rather just give it up entirely


Hiya, I know how you feel I'm having ablation done soon, had svt and af episodes since I was 18, I'm 31 now and so glad that it could be getting sorted.

Albeit , a little bit nervous at the same time

My triggers are alcohol, caffeine and exercise (what an exciting life I Now lead, lol

Hope your episodes settle Down, probably a good idea to avoid triggers and see how long you can go between episodes.



Rich101 I agree Its like I'm wondering if my ep told me no now then at my 6 month check up then I can drink caffeine I'm lucky excersie never triggered it and honestly if I don't drink caffeine I don't get any episodes I know what you mean I feel so boring but we have to make the best of it


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