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Sudden rapid rise in BP

Last night I was sitting quietly playing solitaire on my computer when suddenly my heart did a jump and I could feel my pulse was very rapid. I took my blood pressure and it had risen in one go to 149/104 - and the heart beat was nearly double normal.

I have proxymal AF and when it occurs the heart beat is very irregular. Last night was something different - although the pulse was rapid it was regular.

I didn't get to sleep until 4 a.m. but it is now back to normal. Has anyone had a similar experience - just to reassure me over the weekend. Many thanks.

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Sounds pretty normal to me. AF is never text book and often throws up odd rhythms but if you are worried and it happens a lot then speak to your GP. I never trust home testing myself as I fear it merely adds to the worry.




I have PAF, sometimes this is very irregular and can feel my heart banging around, it can also be very fast at times with this (up to 200 bpm). I also get episodes of flutter that are very regular but again the heart rate can get very high. Both are 'normal' for me and if anything when it is the more regular 'flutter' it is more comfortable.

I wouldn't be overly concerned unless you have a high bpm that lasts for hours that you can't manage with whatever medication you take. I have always been advised by the medical staff that they don't like very high heart rate for long periods but as I have got more experienced with my symptoms and my medications I can usually avoid a trip to the hospital.

I've sometimes noticed a rise in BP with episodes but not sure which is the chicken and which is the egg, if high BP starts AF or the other way round.

Hope you are feeling better now and can enjoy the rest of your weekend.



For me, noticing a dodgy heartbeat is a good way of making my heart race and my blood pressure shoot up. It's not nice but next time it happens it isn't quite as bothersome. As Bob says, if it happens a lot, mention it.


Thank you all so much. It always seems a bit harder if one is alone - but with your replies, I don't feel alone.


I have had this experience particularly when my AF has been active. It doesn't mean AF will follow- in my case.

My BP always goes up when I am in AF- I think the AF starts first

I agree with those above- don't worry but do get help if you have prolonged tachycardia


Thank you so much. I am feeling better today and all the supporting answers have really helped.


I have PAF and typically it would start suddenly in the evening and often last until breakfast. My blood pressure appeared to fall as my pulse increased but I eventually realised was that the reading on my BP machine was unreliable during AF. I have an app on my phone that gives a heatbeat trace which is helpful in deciding if the pulse is irregular (should I be in any doubt). It usually looks like a craggy mountain range when I have AF.

I am relatively new to the forum but one thing I realised early on is that everyone's circumstances are different.


My blood pressure has been shooting up to without cause, 159/ 108. GP has put me on Ramipril to go with the Bisoprol as he measured my np a couple of times over a month and it has still been high.


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