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Back from Bonny Scotland and The Isle of Skye

We had a lovely break with log fires and wonderful view.

There was horizontal snow which meant that any walking, (Apart from the car to a castle) was out of the question.

My heart behaved itself until the flight from Glasgow when half way home it went into a rapid regular rhythm. After we landed and were at baggage reclaim it went back to NSR.

Since being home I have been doing some gentle digging at my allotment and all was well until yesterday when again it went into the rapid regular beat calming down an hour or so later.

I am a bit concerned as it seems to me that whenever I do any more than very gentle exercise my heart will not easily return to normal rhythm.

Does this sound familiar to anyone else?


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Yes Pete I had similar after my last ablation. Any exercise sent me up to 120-140 ish tachycardia which then took an hour or more to gradually slow down again. Sorted itself out in the end.


Hello Bob

Thanks for the reply.

I have just spoken to the Rhythm Nurse at my hospital and she has told me to avoid strenuous exercise. I am not too happy about that as it does really restrict my life and to be honest I was only raking my allotment.

They are planning to get me into hospital to check if this is Atrial Tachicardia and also to maybe do a cardioversion.

Still early days as we agree but a "B" nuisance all the same.


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I have just had some time to recap on my discussion with the Rhythm nurse.

She has told me that they now want me to go back into hospital for an Adenosine Challenge.

I had never heard of this before but it seems that following the ECG I sent to them a couple of weeks ago they suspect that I might have Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome know (you guessed it) as WPW also know as Artrio Ventricular Reentry Tachycardia (AVRT) This apparently is where an extra electrical pathway exists that bypasses the normal conduction system.

The Adenosine challenge is designed to prove this one way or the other. Apparently they inject with Adenosine whilst on an ECG machine and the trace will show up what is going on.

All new to me but maybe they are onto something I shall have to wait and see.



There was a recent post regarding a tutorial from an American doctors education site showing WPW and how it works. Try searching WPW . I learned a lot from it.


Can't say I had that issue Pete. Glad you enjoyed holiday.

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